David Otunga Talks About His WWE Status & Future, Doing Stand-Up Comedy, Practicing Law

We noted last week that WWE Superstar David Otunga made his stand-up comedy debut at Hollywood Improv in California. Otunga recently spoke with AlwaysAList.com about getting into comedy and more. Below are highlights:

Tell me about this new venture into comedy. Was this your first time onstage performing standup?

This was my debut. I've always been interested in acting and I've been taking acting classes for years and years. I still take them here in Chicago. People were always like, man you should do something with comedy because you're really funny. I've never really considered myself a comedian. Granted, I think I have interesting stories. A pretty unique life I'd say. There's not too many people who've graduated from Harvard Law School to go into pro wrestling, reality TV, acting, you name it. So I had this opportunity to do this program where I met with this standup comedy coach a couple times. I met with the guy like three times and I got to do my own set. It was pretty crazy man, but it was really fun. Leading up to it you're really nervous because it's just you and a mic that's it! Just up there with a mic entertaining people. As soon as I started and I got that first laugh, I was like this is awesome. With WWE, I have so much experience talking in front of crowds. Usually I'm trying to get people to boo me, but here I'm trying to get people to laugh.

Do you get a chance to practice law much at all now?

I'm actually working with a partner and I'm thinking about starting my own law group. That's actually what's taking up some of my time and focus now too. I don't get to practice law nearly as much as I'd like to though.

Your last appearance on WWE was during the pay-per-view The Royal Rumble. Are you done with professional wrestling? Have you hung up your trunks?

No not yet. I'm still with them. I'm focusing on some other stuff, but I'm looking to get back there. I'd like to win a singles title. But you haven't seen the last of me.

When you return to WWE, who do you want to work with? Any particular wrestling star you want to contend with?

Whoever is the champion at that time. Whoever is in the main event is where I want to be.


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