Dean Ambrose Talks About The Authority's Return, His Feud With Bray Wyatt, Ambulance Match

- Michael Cole's last weekly sitdown interview of 2014 features Dean Ambrose, as seen above. Below are some highlights:

* Ambrose says he's going to celebrate the New Year under the stars in the desert with a bottle of champagne.

* Regarding The Authority coming back, Ambrose isn't phased but says it sucks. Ambrose says nobody likes The Authority because it's all about them and they hold people down.

* Ambrose said Monday's Ambulance Match against Bray Wyatt is something to be giddy about. Ambrose says Wyatt stole Hell In a Cell from him but it's turned into them two beating the hell out of each other with weapons every night. Ambrose said at some point, it all has to come to an end and that may happen on RAW. He said the whole Wyatt thing is a bit of distraction and he's got to get out of it.

* Ambrose said nothing Wyatt says makes sense to him and he doesn't care. Ambrose said they're going to get in a big fight and somebody is going into an ambulance. Ambrose says whether it's him or Wyatt, it's over. Ambrose said he's going to put Wyatt down for good or he's going out in a blaze of glory. Ambrose closed by saying these are the moments you live for.


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