Dolph Ziggler Says Luke Harper Has A Chance To Be Part Of History At WWE TLC Tonight

Dolph Ziggler tweeted the following about his Ladder Match against WWE Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper at WWE TLC tonight:

"Here I am... again! another chance to set the measuring stick in this business. I don't strive to have great matches, I strive to be the best, EVER! If that angers you, you're one of those 'stand up for yourself, but don't ruffle any feathers' types...get in line. This ladder match will raise the bar in what's great & what's legendary. If it doesn't, I failed. guess there's a 1st time for everything.

"Harper has a chance to be part of history and a rebirth of intercontinental prestige. Has he earned it? Maybe more than I have. this match is special bc of what it could mean for those not in the gold circle & if done right, can not be followed. but let's be honest, That is how I do it, every damn night. Here I am...again"

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