Dolph Ziggler Talks About His Push, Winning The Intercontinental Title, Defeating Rollins, More

- Michael Cole's latest sitdown interview features WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, as seen above. Below are some highlights:

* Ziggler talked about Survivor Series and said there was a lot of pressure that night. He promised Team Cena he wouldn't let them down that night.

* Cole brought up how Ziggler's momentum has been building since Survivor Series. Ziggler talked about winning the IC Title in his hometown of Cleveland at TLC. Ziggler says he knew if he could get his hands on the title again and make it mean something to the fans, it would start a rebirth for the Intercontinental Title.

* Cole mentions Ziggler finally getting a win over Seth Rollins on Super SmackDown. Ziggler says he showed everyone that he's where he should be because of the fans and because of hard work.

* Ziggler says this is all a stepping stone in the right direction. Ziggler wants to be the one to lead the way through WWE's glass ceiling. Ziggler wants to show that others can make it with the WWE fans behind them.

* Cole asks if Ziggler is all hype and Ziggler says not a chance. Ziggler says he's fought for years to be the man because he wants to be. Ziggler said he has a big chip on his shoulder and he's on the right track to being "the man" in WWE. Ziggler promised it will happen.


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