Florida Georgia Line On Which WWE Superstar Stood Out For Them, Performing At Tribute To The Troops

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has an interview with Florida Georgia Line, who were promoting their appearance on WWE Tribute To The Troops tomorrow night. Below are some highlights:

Performing at Tribute to the Troops:

Tyler Hubbard: "It went great. That's why we continue to come back. WWE fans are awesome and loud and energetic and passionate. We really enjoyed it. To be honest, everyone that's involved with WWE is so amazing and friendly. They are very welcoming. It was fun for us. The second time we were there they treated us like family almost. They were excited to see us. It just felt like a good fit. We enjoy what they do and the entertainment factor and how they entertain the world, which is pretty amazing."

Brian Kelley: "I got to go to a WWE Raw in, I believe, eighth grade in Orlando. I just had an incredible experience. Me and my friends were so into wrestling. I feel like everyone was into it at some point. It really was an amazing experience. So we are proud to be part of WWE in any way we can be. It's going to be a great night supporting our troops and honoring them. It's going to be a magical event."

Which WWE Superstar stood out for them:

Hubbard: "John Cena always went out of his way to be real nice to us and take pictures with us. He just seemed like a down-to-earth really cool guy. He seemed really genuine. So in getting to know him, he seemed like a great guy…I think country music is pretty strong in the WWE world. There are many out there who love country music and love what we are doing. It's cool to feel that encouragement and support from guys that we are fans of. So it's pretty neat."

FGL also discussed the follow up to their debut album, doing commentary at WWE Night of Champions and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Miami Herald


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