Former RAW Head Writer Working With The Rock Outside Of WWE, Ryback Reacts To TLC, More

- WWE's website has video of Ryback talking to Tom Phillips after his win over Kane at WWE TLC last night. Ryback called it a big win. He said there have been a lot of people standing in his way but he's going to take them out.

- In the past we've noted how WWE's Brian Gewirtz is The Rock's main writer when Rock returns to WWE TV. The Rock revealed on Instagram last night during rehearsals for his Christmas In Washington special on TNT that Gewirtz is also the head writer for Rock's $7 Bucks Production team. Gewirtz and the rest of Rock's crew were prepping him on material for the special.

- Kofi Kingston, Natalya and Lilian Garcia met children at the Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio on Sunday. Below is a photo:


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