- Former WCW star Psicosis was suspended by the boxing & wrestling commission in Juarez, Mexico because he hit a member of security while brawling around the arena during a match.

- Former UFC Fighter Matt Riddle has been doing pro wrestling training at Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory school in New Jersey and is said to be doing really good.

- Below are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* December 26th at Madison Square Garden drew 14,000 fans
* December 26th in Chicago drew 10,000 fans
* December 27th on Long Island drew 6,000 fans
* December 27th in Cincinnati drew 7,000 fans
* December 28th in Hershey, PA drew 4,000 fans
* December 28th in Pittsburgh drew 8,500 fans
* December 29th in Washington, DC for RAW drew 11,000 fans
* December 29th in Richmond, VA drew 4,500 fans
* December 30th in Los Angeles drew 13,000 fans

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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