Former WCW Champion Discusses Controversy About His Title Reign, Taking Randy Orton Bump

The most recent episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (Episode 007) features an interview with David Arquette, who held the World Heavyweight Championship during his controversial run with WCW in 2000.


Sam Roberts started the interview by telling Arquette that he wanted to spend a good deal of time talking about wrestling and the actor responded by sharing a story that apparently happened moments before the show was recorded:

"As I was walking in here, there was a bunch of photographers downstairs for some reason and this guy walked up and he said, 'A lot of people blame you for ruining WCW and what do you say about that?...They think you did it.' And I said, 'I hope I did.' I was in a sour mood. But I really don't hope I did. I don't think I did."

Arquette said he's still a wrestling fan but he doesn't stay on top of current developments like he used to. He also shared that his father, Lewis Arquette, did the voice of Jimmy "Superfly Snuka" for the Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling cartoon.


He said his run with WCW began when he did some publicity for the film Ready to Rumble.

"So, I went (to WCW) and they said, 'If you stick around, we'll give you the strap.' It's like, 'Are you f?in kidding me?' " Arquette said he thinks that it was Vince Russo who originally pitched the idea and added that he thought WCW was crazy to give him the title but that he went with it because it was a dream come true.

Arquette shared that established talents like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were nice to him because they were confident in their places with the company but that other workers weren't that receptive to his foray into the business.

The actor said he didn't receive any formal training for his work in WCW and that he didn't understand many of the instructions he was given for his limited in-ring work. He also said there was a lot of insurance on him due to his acting career and WCW was mindful that they couldn't afford for him to be injured while performing.

Arquette also spoke briefly about his appearance on Monday Night Raw in 2010. He said it was great to work with guys like Triple H and Randy Orton and that they gave him plenty of pointers before Orton put him through a table on that episode. He also indicated that he was in a lot of pain the day after the table spot.


You can listen to the entire podcast here.