Former WWE Superstar Shoots, News On Tonight's WWE NXT, The Rock Teases Project For 2015

- Former WWE star Tyler Reks has a new shoot interview out with RF Video at this link. The shoot includes the first Midcard Mafia cartoon that Reks created while he was with WWE and two unreleased episodes. This is the came cartoon that got Reks heat in WWE, which is covered in the shoot.

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- Tonight's episode of WWE NXT will feature a look back at NXT in 2014 and Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the NXT Women's Title. Ric Flair will also be appearing.

- The Rock teased a new project with singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc in 2015. He wrote on Instagram:

"This is one brilliant musician and good brotha. If the stars align Aloe Blacc and myself will collaborate and bring you something cool in summer 2015. #SoKeepYourCalmAndCarryOn #TheWholeWorldsSittingOnATickingBomb #WhereWillYouBe #SA"


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