Former WWF Wrestler Recalls Fight With Scott Hall, Says Politics With The Kliq Cost Him His Job

Mike Halac, who performed in WWF using the memorable "Mantaur" gimmick, recently appeared on In Your Head Wrestling Radio and discussed his career in the ring and beyond.

Asked by IYH co-host Jack E. Jones if he ever caught heat for working stiff in the ring, Halac described a live match from Superstars in which he ran afoul of Scott Hall, who was working as Razor Ramon at the time.


"We actually got into a physical altercation in the ring," Halac recalled. "He open-hand slapped me and he tried to knock me out and I really took offense to it. We got into it in the ring and we ended up getting into it in the locker room a little bit. There's guys in the business that? money changes them. It changes their egos, and they think that they're better than you and actually, we're all human and we all bleed the same and we're all out there trying to do the same job and not one of us is better than the other?"

Jones followed up with a question about the Kliq, asking if they were a political force backstage at the time of Halac's fight with Ramon.

"The Kliq was pretty strong back in the day, back in the mid to late '90s. They basically ran the show," explained Halac. "When I had that altercation with Razor Ramon, my days in the company at that time were definitely numbered."


He added that Bret Hart helped him tremendously after he left WWF and helped him find work as a wrestler in other places.

Halac shared that it was "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Sr. who helped him to get his first spot with WWF back in 1995. He also touched on brief run in ECW, stating that he didn't have a lot of contact with Paul Heyman while he was in the promotion but noted that he enjoyed working with guys like Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu.

You can listen to the entire IYH interview with Mike "Mantaur" Halac at this link.