How Randy Savage Being Blackballed By WWE Was Handled In His New DVD

I finally got a chance to check out the new Randy Savage DVD that WWE released last month, Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story. It is truly a great watch, and one that I highly recommend.

The DVD talks about Savage never returning to WWE after he left in 1994 and referred to it as his "inexplicable banishment" from WWE (Savage's final WWE appearance is in the video above). It was noted that in 2001 after WCW folded, several former WWE stars returned to the company while "Savage's door was seemingly closed, leaving many to question why."


The WWF Nacho Man skits were discussed earlier in the DVD, and Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, noted that Savage was very upset with them, particularly one that suggested that Hulk Hogan had an affair with his ex-wife Elizabeth. While the Nacho Man clip was shown, a Savage WWF promo was played where he said that he "doesn't forget anything in this world," and that he takes it to the grave.

Poffo also talked about Savage being furious after Triple H called Savage and Hogan dinosaurs during an interview. According to Poffo, that was the last straw which prompted Savage to make the video above. In the video, Savage said that he would b—h slap Triple H and take Stephanie McMahon, which Poffo said "threw gasoline on the fire." It should be noted that Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were not interviewed at all for the DVD.


Savage's original problems with WWE were never mentioned, which Poffo detailed in our interview with him last month.

"On November 6, 1987, Randy started to hate WWE (referencing Randy Savage asking that his father be included in a legends battle royal, only for WWE to turn it down)," Poffo told us. "They said Killer Kowalski, Pat O'Conner, Lou Thesz, Bobo Brazil is gonna be there. My dad looked at Randy and said 'there's a battle royal on the Meadowlands, can you get me on it?' Dad was always proud of how good he looked, and he still did. Randy said "don't worry, it's done," and thought he would have the stroke to do it. Later Randy grabbed me by the wrist and says '(expletives), they're not gonna let Dad in the battle royal because they're no good (expletives).'

"Randy blamed the authority that Vince gave to Pat Patterson and Chief Jay Strongbow, and Randy used to treat those guys with a lot of respect. After this, Strongbow evidently got thrown out (in the battle royal) and broke his arm. Backstage he's walking around in the ring and Strongbow says, 'Lou Thesz broke my arm,' and Randy says, 'Lou didn't break your arm, you're too fat to be in the ring, you're a disgrace.' So Randy decided to not have respect for them. It didn't make him any friends, but they didn't like him anyway evidently. That was the time he changed his smile to a scowl and spent the rest of his time in WWE with a chip on his shoulder. I just saw a copy on the (new Randy Savage) DVD, the rough cut. I tell ya what, Pat Patterson's in it, and he verifies about everything I said about him. If Randy were alive today, he'd be really disappointed that one of them were dead."


Obviously there have been a lot of rumors over the years on Savage's banishment from the company, although Vince did tell Steve Austin on his podcast earlier this month that Savage would definitely be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Dusty Rhodes probably put it best in the DVD when he said, "Obviously, we don't know the whole story and as they say in heaven, we never will. We never will."