Jeff Jarrett Talks Bullet Club, AJ Styles' Reaction To Jim Ross Working WK9, TNA's TV Deal, More

In Your Head Wrestling Radio continued their recent string of intriguing interviews by featuring a talk with Jeff Jarrett on their most recent episode. Jarrett spoke mostly about Global Force Wrestling's involvement in the forthcoming Wrestle Kingdom 9 event. He also talked about Bullet Club's rise to prominence and its impact on Japan's wrestling scene.

Asked about his personal role in Bullet Club, Jeff explained that he was formally invited by the guys to join their ranks.

"Their motto is right up my alley: 'Do what you want, when you want, wherever you want .' That's a Slap Nuts attitude for darn sure. Seriously, those guys approached me when GFW and New Japan solidified their deal and made it public back in August… Those guys came to me a week or so before and said, 'Hey, we want you to be a part of the Bullet Club.' And I was like, 'Who wouldn't want to be part of the hottest faction in all of professional wrestling?' So, it's a good thing."

Host Jack E. Jones hailed the involvement of Jim Ross in Wrestle Kingdom 9, sharing his opinion that televised wrestling really lost a lot without JR's presence and that nobody does play-by-play better. Jarrett agreed that JR's decision to come on board for the event was a significant development and discussed the reaction he witnessed by AJ Styles when Styles learned Ross would call his match.

"I was in the room when they were filming AJ," he recalled. "They asked him about his match and Global Force Wrestling and New Japan working together and Bullet Club and they said… 'Tell me your thoughts on Jim Ross calling your match' and AJ… just sort of sat back and thought about it and you could just see—his face told a story of a thousand words. It just sort of all sank in and maybe it hit him for the first time that he really had to think about it. And the words that came out of his mouth were so telling. He just looked at the producer and said, 'Finally. Finally JR is going to call one of AJ Styles' matches.' I got goose bumps just watching that and it's the truth; Jim Ross calling an AJ Styles match—who would've ever thought that would ever happen? I certainly didn't see that in the cards."

Jarrett said that Styles has worked the best year of his career in Japan and said it was crucial for AJ to step out of his "comfort zone" to further his career.

He also discussed Matt Striker's role in Wrestle Kingdom 9 and said he thinks highly of Striker's work in Lucha Underground. Jarrett said he thinks that indy wrestling—or the "free agent market" as he prefers to call it—is red hot at the moment and he hopes to involve indy workers in GFW.

Co-host One Inch Biceps asked Jarrett what he thinks about TNA's deal with Destination America and Jeff replied, "Thank the Lord that they got a deal." He added that he didn't think it would have been good for the business if TNA had gone under and noted that he still holds a minority ownership in that company.

You can listen to the entire episode of In Your Head, including the 30-minute interview with Jeff Jarrett, at this link. will provide live coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 9 beginning at 2:00 AM ET on January 4.


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