Jeff Jarrett Talks Leaving TNA, Getting “Spoofed” By Rockstar Spud, John Cena's Future, More

Jeff Jarrett continued his virtual media blitz heading into Wrestle Kingdom 9 with an appearance on Episode 160 of MLW Radio. The show was hosted by Konnan, Court Bauer and Maurice.

Jarrett started out the chat by indicating that Wrestle Kingdom 9 will be "the most widely distributed pay-per-view—on a live basis—in the history of this business." Konnan pointed out that the pay-per view business has not been as successful in Japan that it is in other parts of the world and Jarrett acknowledged this by saying that it's gaining momentum.

In addition to discussing Wrestle Kingdom 9, the hosts also waded into other topics spanning much of Jarrett's career. Konnan pointed out that Jarrett worked in both WCW and WWF during the apexes of each company. Jarrett pointed out that there were prominent differences involved in working for these companies, the chief one being that WCW was a conglomerate in which people worked for a television company and in WWF it was always clear that people worked for one man: Vince McMahon. He also said that the "guaranteed deals" people got in WCW made for a very different locker room as opposed to getting paid off the house and buy rates, noting that this ultimately affected work ethic there.

Konnan asked Jarrett about the biggest mistakes he made while running TNA and he said that his lack of patience has been a recurring problem throughout his career. Konnan specifically asked Jarrett about the rumors that Toby Keith wanted to buy TNA and Jarrett quickly and vehemently declined to comment. He was also asked if Dixie would be able to stay on as GM of TNA if the company sold and Jarrett again declined to speak on the matter. Then Konnan asked Jeff why he left TNA and Jarrett acknowledged that he was "dancing around" some of the discussions.

"Promoting is really in my blood," he said. I knew that my time in TNA needed to come to an end. There's no magic thing that I said… 'Game, set and match…I need to put my resignation in.' It was time to go. It's literally that simple."

Konnan pressed Jarrett, saying that it was clear that he left under contentious circumstances and asked why there were bad feelings from TNA. Jarrett said "things weren't all fun and rosy" but said there wasn't any "blow up" that precipitated his departure. He specifically addressed a video featuring Rockstar Spud that seemed to make fun of Jarrett and GFW.

"I've watched it and I'm like, 'Are they…or are they not?' explained Jarrett. "I cast Rockstar Spud in the first season of British Boot camp. I've got a lot of respect for his talent. I think he's got a lot of ability. I think I taught him well in that if he's going to punch up—literally and figuratively—he needs to punch up, so if he's punching up at me, I take that as an extreme compliment."

He was also asked if he is barred from doing business with Spike as a condition of his leaving TNA and Jarrett stated unequivocally that he can indeed do business with the company.

Jarrett discussed different aspects of WWE, including the Network. He said that that "for all its critics, it's where entertainment is going." He was also highly complementary of John Cena.

"For everything that goes with John Cena, he's had a 10-year run as the top, top guy and he's looking for a fresh batch of opponents," Jarrett noted. "They've got a… fresh batch of talent that is not very far off being rivals and being really good opponents for Cena. Cena's the man and he's going to be the man until John decides, 'You know what? I'm getting off the road and I'll come back and do my WrestleMania here and there.' Until he decides to take that Undertaker/Shawn Michaels/Triple H-type role as a performer, he's the man and they've got to build opponents for him.

Jarrett spoke in glowing terms of NXT, specifically naming Sami Zayn as one of the best on the show right now. He said he scouted Kevin Steen for GFW before Steen went to WWE but that he hasn't had any hard and fast talks with any talk indy guys. Jeff suggested that the success of NXT should be putting WWE's main roster on notice to improve for fear of guys losing their spots to newer talent.

You can check out the entire episode of this show at this link. will have live coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 9 on Sunday, January 4, 2015 starting at 2 A.M. ET.


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