Jim Ross Compares Vince McMahon To UFC President Dana White, Talks UFC Signing CM Punk

USA Today's The Big Lead has a lengthy interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who was promoting his one man show coming to Philadelphia and New Jersey during Royal Rumble weekend. During the interview, JR compared Vince McMahon to UFC President Dana White and discussed the UFC signing CM Punk.

"I look at both Dana and Vince as smart businessmen. Are they alpha males? You're damn right. Have I always agreed with everything McMahon wanted me to do or all of his basic philosophies? Not every one of them, no. He's a very strong alpha male, and I broke into the business with one that is even stronger in his presence than Vince ever was Bill Watts so that's how I thought the business was just always gonna be.

"I think Dana's a smart businessman, and the Punk signing was money from the get-go. As we speak, Punk is going through the ESPN car wash. That's a nice get for UFC. The reason he's on there is the same reason everyone is gonna buy his first PPV he has global name identity. Where did he earn that? WWE. Where did he earn the money to live the lifestyle and be able to establish himself for independent ventures? Same as me WWE.

"... I don't know Dana as well as Vince, obviously, but both of them are smart businessmen and both of them would not want to miss the opportunity if they could help it to have a player on the roster that's gonna make them money. Punk would make WWE money in any environment they put him in, and I think Dana sees that Punk's got a great loyal fan following, he's social media active, he's the new kid on the block, and he can talk up the fight in a productive way. WWE fans will watch the PPV out of curiosity and hope that he wins. Die-hard MMA fans may not appreciate his intrusion into this land, being on PPV right away, and getting other special treatment, but they'll tune in hoping he gets his ass whipped."

JR also discussed being on the road with Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar possibly going back to the UFC, Ronda Rousey in WWE and much more. You can check out the interview by clicking here.

Source: The Big Lead


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