Jon Stewart Mentions Roman Reigns On "The Daily Show," Mick Foley Talks Awful WCW Vignettes, More

- Jon Stewart name-dropped Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Bruno Sammartino and the Usos on The Daily Show last week. Stewart was mocking President Obama's decision to nominate Colleen Bell to be the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary and White House press secretary Josh Earnest having a tough time fielding questions regarding the appointment.

"How much does that guy [Earnest] want to reach over and tag out?," Stewart asked. "Just give a quick one to Jay Carney or maybe Roman Reigns, or maybe one of the Usos or maybe Bray Wyatt, or maybe Bruno Sammartino could... I've been watching wrestling for a very long time."

You can watch the segment above, the WWE reference comes in at the 3:10 mark.

- As noted earlier, Mick Foley will be the special guest on The Daily Show this Thursday. has an interview with Foley here, who was promoting his one man show this Sunday at the Hartford Funny Bone in Manchester, CT. During the interview, Foley discussed the awful "Lost In Cleveland" vignettes in WCW that were filmed after Foley suffered a legitimate concussion during a match with Vader. In the vignettes, Foley went crazy and was institutionalized, only to escape and develop amnesia.

"Off the top of my head, I would say nothing approached the levels of awfulness that 'Lost in Cleveland' did," Foley admitted. "What's funny about that segment is it was actually before its time in that it was completely scripted and heavily produced. A lot of what you see in sports entertainment is that way now, but like you said, it was the wrong tone. Everything about it was wrong, but the idea of filming vignettes as an ongoing saga was not necessarily a bad idea.

"I knew the 'Lost in Cleveland' segment was going to be awful, but once I heard the phrase, 'We'll take you off the road for four months and pay you' [while WCW promoted the vignettes], I was completely sold, and I took that time to have some much-needed knee surgery. All was not lost. I was home for four months, I had knee surgery. When I came back, in people's minds, they realized it was ridiculous, and they were just happy to see me back again."


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