Kevin Nash On The WWE Hall Of Fame, Telling Triple H About Indie Talents, Wrestling Again

Kevin Nash recently spoke with ABC News to promote a Maryland Championship Wrestling appearance this weekend. No word yet if Nash's arrest from last night will change that booking. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Wrestling his first match in a year this coming weekend:

"It will be nice to step in the ring and see what I still have left. I also enjoy seeing what the next generation has to offer and connecting with fans in an intimate setting at a venue like MCW."

Keeping in touch with Triple H:

"Social media is huge today. It's a lot easier for fans to keep up with wrestlers and see the next big star in the making. If someone catches my eye, I do my best to let Triple H know there is someone out there the WWE should be interested in signing."

Not being upset if he doesn't get into the WWE Hall of Fame:

"I'm not going to be defined by the Hall of Fame. I believe my body of work over nearly 30 years speaks for itself."


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