Konnan Explains His Run-In With Police, Says Rey Mysterio Was Supposed To Be At Survivor Series

On Episode 156 of MLW Radio, Konnan discussed a photo that Rey Mysterio had posted on Instagram of Konnan being arrested at a recent San Diego Chargers game.

He explained that he attended the game with Rey Mysterio, Rey's son, MVP and some other people. He said that tensions were high and there was a prominent police presence because the Chargers were playing the Raiders, explaining there is a fierce rivalry between the teams and that fights often occur in the stands when the two teams meet. Due to some security rules regarding the size of bags that are allowed into the venue, a female guest in their group was not allowed to come in with her purse and Konnan decided to return the bag to his car.

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"I tell Rey, 'Hey, I need the keys to the car' and…there are these workers who are there and they're like, 'You can't pass this line," Konnan said. "I go, 'I'm not trying to pass this line, I'm trying to get that key.' So all of the sudden, a cop who looks a lot like the guy from The Shield, Michael Chiklis, and he just grabs my arm and he tries to put it behind my back. I didn't know who he was so I resisted and I was actually going to try to take him down and he goes, 'Don't tense up!'"

He continued, saying the officer grabbed him and pulled him to another area and that MVP told the officer to calm down. Konnan said the officer insulted him, yelled at him and accused him of being drunk, adding that the officer searched him and found what Konnan described as "a little bud." He said the officer then handcuffed him and told him he was going to jail for "being rowdy." Konnan indicated he was walked to another area of the stadium where field sobriety tests were administered

Konnan alleges that after the sobriety tests were administered, the officer told him he had been afraid that MVP was going to punch him during their initial confrontation. He said he went back and forth with the officer and that he feels like the officer just singled him out because he had acted rudely. Konnan said he was taken to jail after proving that he was not drunk and he was ultimately let go.

Later in the podcast, Konnan discussed Survivor Series, stating that he tuned in because he had heard that Rey Mysterio was supposed to appear. Asked by his fellow hosts why Rey did not show up, Konnan said he was not able to share what he personally knows about Rey's situation at this time.

You can listen to the entire episode of MLW Radio at this link.


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