Lucha Underground Results (12/10): Triple Threat Ladder Match, Chavo Guerrero Vs. Fenix, More

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- The show starts with a recap of last week's main event and the Sexy Star/Chavo feud. They also promote the $100,000 ladder match for tonight.


King Cuerno vs. Super Fly

Cuerno comes out in antlers looking like one of the victims on True Detective. Cuerno gets an early advantage and dominates Super Fly as Drago watches on. Cuerno is in control for a while before Fly gets a headscissor takedown.

His control is short lived as Cuerno lands a big drop kick. The two dodge each other and Fly lands a springboard armdrag and sends Cuerno outside. Fly back flips over the top rope onto Cuerno to the outside.

Back inside Cuerno hits a big clothesline and a kick, followed by The Big Game (a seated Attitude Adjustment).

Winner: King Cuerno via pinfall (The Big Game)

- A vignette featuring Pentagon Jr is shown.

Chavo Guerrero (w/ Pentagon Jr) vs. Fenix (w/ Sexy Star)


Dueling chants to start off as Chavo and Fenix trade headlocks. Chavo boots Fenix in the mouth and follows with a big dropkick. Fenix locks on a standing Fujiwara armbar and then scores with a rana.

Fenix hits a big springboard double knee, but Chavo rolls through into a half crab. Pentagon pulls the rope away from Fenix but he still reaches it. Chavo goes to work on the leg, slamming it into the ring post.

Despite just having his leg worked on, Fenix throws kicks at Chavo but gets decked. Chavo is tossed from the ring and Fenix lands a spinning body press to the outside onto Pentagon and Chavo.

Back in the ring Chavo dropkicks Fenix mid-air. Chavo starts attacking the leg again. Somehow Fenix is able to hit a springboard kick with an injured leg, but Pentagon knocks him off the top rope. Chavo hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero via pinfall (Frog Splash)

Sexy Star says she's not done with Chavo, and that Blue Demon Jr is coming back.

- The shows airs a pretty vignette for Cage. Danny Trejo is shown in the crowd.

$100,000 Triple Threat Ladder Match
Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma

Mundo and Puma bounce Ryck from the ring and go at it. Mundo with a big calf kick and a running knee to Puma. When Mundo goes outside Ryck attacks. Puma baseball slides Ryck and climbs a ladder only to be pulled down by Mundo.


Puma feeds Mundo a big forearm and both climb a ladder but get pushed off by Ryck. The two get clobbered by a ladder shot by Ryck and he starts climbing...slowly. He calls Cisco and Cortez out to climb it for him.

Puma kicks Ryck, and Mundo tosses Cisco from the ring. Cortez is climbing the ladder and gets pushed off onto his friends outside. Mundo slams Puma into the ladder, and then Mundo runs up a ladder against the ropes and does a somersault senton onto the heels.

Mundo sets up tables outside the ring, then attacks the heels again, setting Cortez up on a table. He climbs to the top of a ladder outside while Puma gets on the top rope and starts trading punches. The two fall to the mat, with Mundo on the apron. Puma goes to dive into Mundo, but he moves and Puma does a suicide dive through the legs of the ladder on to the heels.

Back inside Puma uses the ladder in the corner to run up and enziguri Mundo. Puma climbs, but Mundo follows and Puma hits a cutter from the top of the ladder that leaves both men laying.

Ryck, Cisco and Cortez slide into the ring and put the boots to Puma and Mundo. Cisco runs Mundo into a ladder while Cortez catapults Mundo into it right after. Mundo shortly fights back but eats a big time clothesline from Ryck.


Mundo does the Deadly Drive body slam from the top to the outside through the tables on Cisco, then tosses a ladder at Ryck. Puma comes off the top with double knees onto Mundo, but Cortez is back in the ring getting involved.

The two are on the top rope, and Puma hits double knees through the table. Mundo then runs a ladder into Puma's head. Mundo uses the ladder to assist in a corkscrew dive onto Big Ryck, followed by a knee to the face and a Starship Pain with Ryck laid on the ladder. Puma immediately follows with a beautiful 630 senton on Ruck as well.

Puma wedges a ladder between the ropes, he's on the top rope and Mundo on the ladder. He front suplexes Mundo onto it, and Mundo lays across the ladder. Puma jumps from the top rope but gets caught by Ryck with a big powerbomb, and then gets powerbombed through Mundo onto the ladder.

Ryck lifts Puma overhead in a gorilla press and slams Puma through a ladder that runs from the ring to the railing! Ouch. Ryck climbs the ladder slowly and Mundo chases. Ryck is climbing up two ladders and is kicked between the legs.

A guy comes out of the crowd and knocks Morrison down. The two brawl and the guy tells Ryck to climb. Cisco and Castro come in, but Mundo knocks them down, climbs up and gets the money.


Winner: Johnny Mundo

Dario Cueto comes out says he wants the key back that Johnny Mundo took from him last week. He tells Mundo to put the key around his neck and be a gentleman. Instead Mundo drops Cueto with a punch as we go off air.