Mick Foley Talks Putting Over Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins, Handling Internet Trolls, More

On the new episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (Episode 009), Roberts shares an interview with Mick Foley recorded a few weeks ago, shortly after the Hell in a Cell PPV. Foley discusses a number of topics, including his new Christmas-themed film I Am Santa Claus and his appearance on Raw before the Hell in a Cell show.

"It was a highlight for me. It was a good moment," recalled Foley when discussing his segment with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. "I knew it would be a case where I could come up with my own verbiage and where I had a chance to be out there in a surrounding that people associated me, with the cell… I was really thankful that they didn't hand me a bunch of stuff; they just had ideas of where they wanted me to go and I said, 'Listen, if this goes correctly, my goal is I want to put Dean Ambrose over. I want to put Seth Rollins over. I want to put the stipulation, I want to put the cell itself over, the match itself over and if I do all those things correctly, I'll get over simultaneously.' … and once I walked out into that ring, it felt special."

Foley also discussed the current style of work and storytelling in WWE in the context of the main event matches from Hell in a Cell.

"People are jaded. They've seen a lot—especially the long-term fans who watch every week and have been doing it a lot," said Foley. "People say to me, 'Oh, you guys really put out in the Attitude Era,' and I say, 'No, these guys are really putting out, too, and in some ways even more so.' …When you remove some of the extreme measures, they're also, in a way, taking away the short cuts so the matches are extremely physical and guys are working just as hard if not harder than ever… Now a guy uses a chair across the back. Everyone knows that stings. And in order to make a statement, they do it twelve times. I know what hurts and what doesn't and when they start going to the shoulders, that's where you start chipping bones in your elbows and I imagine that a lot of the guys suffer for their art.

Speaking specifically about Hell in a Cell, Foley said that both cell matches were great and he offered praise that Cena and Orton put on a very good match despite the fact that they've wrestled so many times before. He said that Ambrose and Rollins worked their butts off in the final match and that they shouldn't be blamed for the inconclusive finish because creative decisions like that are beyond wrestlers' control.

He also talked about how he deals with Internet trolls, stating that he does respond to hateful comments via Twitter, but he usually does it via direct message with comments like, "What a sad, pathetic life you must lead. What a limited hand in the game of life you've bean dealt that this is a highlight; that being blocked is a goal you have. Congratulations."

Foley also discussed his comedy shows, his work as an author and his daughter Noelle's growing fan base.

You can listen to the entire episode of the Sam Roberts podcast at this link.


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