More From Triple H: If Vince McMahon Watches NXT, NXT Title Defense At WrestleMania, Hideo Itami

Below are more highlights from today's Triple H Q&A on Twitter hyping tonight's NXT Takeover: R Evolution event. Just a reminder to join us tonight for our live coverage of the show.

If the NXT title will be defended at WrestleMania:


"Question is which NXT champion will be the first @WWE champion"

If The Ascension and Hideo Itami are ready for the big time:

"They had better be. Itami will show the world tonight if he is."

If there will be more NXT Divas appearing on RAW:

"The goal is get everyone from NXT on #Raw and #Smackdown"

If they will keep the number of NXT PPVs at 4 or have more:

"All of this is a work in a progress but I like what we're doing now"

If Vince McMahon watches NXT:

"I'm sure he will. Trust me, he's invested in the future more than anyone."