More On Kevin Nash's Arrest: Son Was Choke-Slammed, More On Mother Being Attacked, Mugshots

As noted earlier, Kevin Nash was arrested this morning after a confrontation with his son, 18-year-old Tristen. In an updated report from TMZ, the police report states that Kevin told police that his son came home drunk and proceeded to get belligerent toward him and Kevin's wife. According to Tristen, Kevin was ribbing Tristen over the breakup of his girlfriend. Tristen "elbow-checked" Kevin and spit in his face, prompting Kevin to then pin his son to the ground, which was when Tristen scratched his face.

Tristen said that Kevin then hit him with a chokeslam and he hit his head on the ground so hard that he blacked out. It was noted that Tristen is 6'5" and 200 lbs. Nash was then arrested because he was the "primary aggressor."

Tristen was then arrested two hours later later for allegedly attacking his mother and slinging her around the kitchen.

You can check out both Kevin and Tristen's mugshots below:

Source: TMZ

wrestlingcritic and Johnny Montana contributed to this article.


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