More Reports From Last Night's WWE Live Event In Hershey: Ryback Vs. Curtis Axel, Randy Orton

Thanks to readers Craig and Danny for sending in these reports for last night's WWE live event in Hershey, PA:

From Danny:

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler beat Luke Harper

* Ryback beat Curtis Axel in a great match in which Ryback held Axle in a suplex for 30 seconds while he marched around the ring. Ryback had the biggest pop of the night until John Cena.

* Jack Swagger defeated Fandango in a dance off, Rosa Mendes was gorgeous.

* The Bella Twins defeated Alicia Fox & Emma in a tag match. Scary spot where it looked like The Bellas botched a double drop kick, then Brie botched tossing Emma out of the ring. Emma landed on her head and neck and was legit hurt. Alicia hit a bunch of power moves and looked strong in the loss. After the match, Pagie came out and beat on Nikki and said she was coming for the title.

* Randy Orton looked incredible in his win over Kane

* Adrian Neville vs. NXT Champion Sami Zayn was next. Zayn won, I went to the merch stand.

* The Usos & Erick Rowan defeated The Miz, Mizdow & The Big Show after Show KOd Mizdow.

* John Cena beat Seth Rollins in a street fight that played out just like TLC. Rollins got on the mic about 4 or 5 times.

From Craig:

Before the matches started, WWE had a poll up on the screens asking if Fandango vs. Jack Swagger should be a regular match or a dance off. Normally I don't bother but figured, what they heck. Chose the dance off.

* First match of the night was Ziggler vs. Harper. Many false finishes... Ziggler is definitely ready to take the ball and run with it. High quality match.

* Next was the Fandango/Swagger poll results. Dance off wins. Slightly glad my selection won. I was never much of a Rosa Mendes fan, but holy cow she's hot. Can't dance worth [email protected]&%, but hot. Fandango tried dancing with Rosa. When it was Swagger's turn, 'Can't touch this' hit, and MC Swagger started dancing. Absolutely hilarious (who knew?). Fandango attacks, but Swagger eventually gets the upper hand and Fandango escapes to see Swagger say, "We the People."

Santino coming out was a nice surprise. I'm a fan. The Divas match of Emma & Alicia vs. The Bella Twins was better than expected. If they fought like this on TV, maybe people would care more. During the match, Emma got knocked out of the ring where it looked like she landed on her head. Multiple trainers came out to check on her. During Nikki's promo Paige did come out to interrupt. I don't watch Total Divas, so is Nikki heel and Paige face now? Paige laid out Nikki.

* Ryback vs Curtis Axel was next. I went to the bathroom during this match, but my buddy said Axel looked at Ryback with an expression like, 'really? Weren't we a tag team just a few months ago?' As I got back into the arena, I saw Ryback holding Axel in a suplex above his head for a good 30 seconds. Ryback fan really got into it and Ryback responded to the crowd. Ryback won.

* Pretty cool to see Randy Orton back. Wondering when he will be back in the main event picture. He dispatched Kane quickly.

I don't watch NXT, but I was excited to see Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville fight. I was a bit disappointed in how slow the match went. The high flying moves were cool, and Neville's frankensteiner was the move of the night, but I was hoping for more.

* The Usos & Erick Rowan defeated The Miz, Mizdow and The Big Show. Miz actually delivered a great heel promo. Mizdow was excellent as always. Big Show is insanely huge.

* The John Cena - Seth Rollins match was near PPV quality. It was a 'street fight,' but not in the Ambrose/Rollins sense. I think they were instructed to stay in the ring so they really didn't fight much outside. Yes, chairs, tables and the briefcase were used. But it was a pretty standard match... wait a minute. Did Rollins just kick out of a AA? Did Cena just kick out of a curb stomp? Did Rollins just kick out of a table spot? Ok he didn't, but most matches end with a table break or a finisher... this one didn't! It got a 'this is awesome!' chant and Rollins acting when the crowd kept chanting 'you sold out' or 'you suck' was getting close to Oscar worthy... ok, maybe Slammy worthy. Cena got the win.

Overall I was extremely impressed for a holiday show where these guys are probably exhausted from touring all year. They definitely brought their A game and this fan was glad he went.


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