NJPW Launches Their Version Of WWE Network, Toyko Dome PPV Included

Following major announcements that New Japan Pro Wrestling would be on American television and pay-per-view, the company also has announcer their own over-the-top distribution network.

The service, which is called New Japan World, will cost $8.50 USD and will feature all of the promotions live events beginning this month. WWE made a similar move with the WWE Network earlier this year by offering their Network for $9.99. Events featured will include Wrestle Kingdom and the G1 Climax Tourney.


Wrestling Observer believes the company is inching closer to ending it's relationship with their current television distributor Samurai! TV. At a press conference early Monday, the company announced that the Korakuen Hall shows, which previously aired on Samurai! will now air on their own service.

Takaaki Kidani expressed his desire to compete with the WWE, and said that currently New Japan is the number 2 company as it pertains to business, but number 1 in the ring. They now plan to pass WWE, and are making more moves into American homes. The company hopes to earn 100,000 subscribers for the first year.

As of now the entire site is in Japanese, with apparently no option for a translation. Some American fans have already ordered the service, however.