Pro Wrestling Illustrated Launches New Podcast

Wrestling magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated, now in its 36th year, launched a new podcast this week. Hosted by Senior Writers Al Castle and Dan Murphy, the first episode was posted on iTunes on December 23 and on YouTube today. PWI announced the podcast via the magazine's official Twitter account:


Vintage audio from Gordon Solie introduces the show, a throwback to the days in which PWI sponsored events and broadcasts.

Speaking to regarding this new project, Al Castle advised that the podcast is still a work in progress.

"We're trying to figure out a regular schedule, and working to improve sound quality," Castle said. "In the coming weeks, we hope to feature interviews not only with stars from the sport, but from current and past PWI writers."

Dan Murphy, who has written for PWI since 1997, spoke enthusiastically about the launch.


"The podcast is a great way for PWI to expand its footprint and reach out to more people," said Murphy. "I think it will be a terrific companion to the print magazine, allowing us an opportunity to get into deeper conversations and more detailed analysis."

In the first episode, Murphy and Castle share some behind-the-scenes stories about PWI's history and current operations. They also break down the contents in the current issue. Castle noted that the cover price of the magazine was recently reduced from $9.95 to $6.99 per issue and reminded readers that the magazine is also published as a digital edition. The hosts also discuss the importance of Brock Lesnar's current presence in WWE and the evolution of Dean Ambrose as a performer.

Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. You can also submit feedback to the show via