Rener Gracie Talks About Training CM Punk In Jiu-Jitsu, Punk Possibly Getting Into MMA

- Eve Torres' husband Rener Gracie, who is friends with CM Punk, spoke with about Punk possibly getting into MMA. Gracie has been training Pun for a few years in California and while Punk hasn't trained consistently enough to be belting, Gracie has seen him make a lot of progress in jiu-jitsu. He said:


"He's showing up for two weeks at a time, training exclusively with me, 100 percent, then he's out. Then he comes back six months later. So, there's not been enough consistency to concern ourselves with belts. But man, he's remarkable. He's in the top tier of students that I've ever worked with as far as his retention ability goes — his athleticism and his ability to train for long periods of time, because he's very resilient and very athletic. I don't know what he wants to do with it, where he wants to take it. I just enjoy the process and having students as dedicated as him."

Gracie believes that Punk could be dedicated enough to make it in MMA. Rener said:

"Absolutely, without a doubt, if he wanted to apply himself to any skill, he would have to apply himself like he does to jiu-jitsu to the other arts as well to make sure he's well-rounded. But this is something completely speculative that I know nothing about. For now it's just jiu-jitsu 100 percent."