"Ring Of Honor: Final Battle" Results: Jay Briscoe Vs. Adam Cole, Jay Lethal Vs. Matt Sydal, More

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- The show starts with a video package highlighting the feuds leading into tonight's event. Top moments from 2014 are showcased, including returning stars, and talent that left for WWE. The package ends and we're now live from New York!

Four Corner Survival Match
Mark Briscoe vs. Hanson vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Jimmy Jacobs (w/ BJ Whitmer)

Tag rules are in effect. Everyone but Jacobs adheres to the Code of Honor. Briscoe and Coleman start out and Briscoe grabs a headlock, then a shoulder block. Coleman answers with a leapfrog and a calf kick. Briscoe goes for a Crane Kick, but is flipped backward, then shakes off a one-inch punch. Jacobs then tags Briscoe's back.

Jacobs demands that Hanson is tagged in. Hanson tosses Jacobs all the way across the ring out of a collar and elbow tie up. Jacobs tries a body press but is dropped to the ground, and Coleman tags in. Coleman goes for a single leg and an arm drag but can't budge Hanson. A couple of dropkicks and a boot to the teeth of Hanson do nothing as he answers with a big side slam. Briscoe tags Coleman.

Hanson slugs Briscoe with several punches, but Briscoe ducks and clotheslines him out of the ring. Outside, Hanson tries to toss Coleman into the post, but Coleman does a 619 around it and kicks Hanson. Jacobs leaps onto Hanson but is caught, and Briscoe does a somersault neckbreaker to the floor on Hanson with Jacobs landing in a body press.

Back in the ring Coleman tags in and hits a spinning legdrop to a standing Hanson, but is pushed off the top rope by Jacobs, who tags himself in. Jacobs with a flying senton for 2, but Briscoe breaks it up. Swinging powerslam from Hansen also gets two. Hansen clubs Jacobs in the corner and lands a....Bronco Buster. Coleman comes in and is tossed over the top rope as Jacobs lands a cutter on Hanson.

Briscoe takes out both Hanson and Coleman with an enziguri and a clothesline, but Jacobs comes in and spears Briscoe and Coleman. Hanson catches him in mid-spear and slams Jacobs to the mat. Briscoe with a dropkick to Hanson's knee and flips out of a back body drop, but Hanson uses a cartwheel to evade him and lands a big clothesline.

Coleman takes Hanson down with the one inch puch, then hits his standing top rope rana on Briscoe. Coleman scores a series of suplexes on Jacobs, and finishes with a double Northern Lights on Briscoe and Jacobs. Hanson tries to tackle Coleman but ends up doing a suicide dive on Briscoe and Jacobs. Coleman with an Asai moonsault on all three, but back inside gets caught with a spin kick from Hanson for a three count.

Winner: Hanson via pinfall (Spin Kick of Doom)

A promo package for the Decade/Roderick Strong feud airs. BJ Whitmer says tonight Adam Page becomes a full-fledged member of Decade.

Adam Page (w/ Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer) vs. Roderick Strong

The two go at each other aggressively with heavy strikes. Strong gains the first big advantage with a corner leapfrog and a calf kick, followed by a side backbreaker. Strong stomps Page, then sends Page over the top after eating a few punches.

Strong does a suicide dropkick and cuts into Page's chest with a couple of big chops and an Irish Whip to the guard rail as Decade watches. Whitmer distracts Strong and Page does a somersault clothesline over the rail, and it's absolutely deafening.

Back in the ring Page chokes Strong and rakes his forearm across Strong's face. A knee to the chin of Strong is followed by a rope assisted rolling neckbreaker for a two count by Page. Strong fights back with a huge dropkick. Strong lands huge chops, but Whitmer distracts him and gets blasted.

Page tries to capitalize with a shooting star off the apron, but Strong takes Page from a rack position and slams him across the apron. Sick. Inside the ring Strong busts Page's mouth open with a huge knee and lands an Olympic Slam but only gets two.

Page recovers and lands a powerslam, but Strong fights back with a fireman's carry gutbuster to get a two count. A sick kick gets two for Strong as well, and Strong places Page on the top rope. Page fights back with elbows and turns the tides with a second rope spinning neckbreaker but only gets two, as does a somersault slingshot clothesline.

Strong gets up, throws a stiff elbow and then turns a huge release vertical suplex into a backbreaker. Strong locks on the Stronghold and Page is trying to fight it. Whitmer is screaming for Page to not tap out, and Page passes out. The ref stops the match.

Winner: Roderick Strong via referee stoppage (Stronghold)

Jacobs shows respect to Page in the ring. Whitmer runs to the announce desk and crabs Steve Corino's headset and says Page is one of them. Corino takes exception to this, and he and Whitmer have to be separated.

- Promo package for Tommaso Ciampa and Michael Elgin's feud is aired.

Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The two trade forearms before the streamers can even be cleared from the ring. This goes on for a solid minute until Elgin boots Ciampa in the face. Corner clotheslines from Elgin, but Ciampa drops Elgin and blasts him with a knee in the corner.

Elgin gets Ciampa up in a delayed vertical suplex, but Ciampa locks on the testicular claw. Elgin breaks free and scores on the suplex. Elgin hangs Ciampa on the ropes and hits a nice somersault legdrop followed by a top rope splash for two. The competitors head outside where they brawl until Elgin lands a Russian leg sweep into the rails.

Elgin grabs a table and tries to put Ciampa through it, but Ciampa reverses it into White Noise on to the apron, for apron spot number two. Back inside Ciampa gets crotched on the ropes and Elgin lands a reverse Splash Mountain powerbomb, followed by a spinning powerbomb for two.

Ciampa fights back with a knee, but Elgin German suplexes him into the buckles. Ciampa ends up with Elgin on his shoulders and scores a powerbomb lungblower. Ciampa tries to set up for a superplex through the table outside, but Elgin fights out of it. Ciampa is up top and eats a big kick and Elgin connects with a big belly-to-belly superplex.

Elgin with a big forearm and a backfist, but gets turned inside out by a Ciampa clothesline for a two count. Elgin rolls through a powerbomb attempt and hits a turnbuckle powerbomb, and Ciampa fires back with a clothesline but hits the ref. Ciampa is pleading his case with Nigel McGuinness, who leaves the announce table. Ciampa has a zero tolerance rule for striking officials.

Elgin hits a clothesline, but it's only good for two. Elgin follows up with a really nice lifting double underhook DDT and gets the pin.

Winner: Michael Elgin via pinfall (lifting double underhook DDT)

- A promo for RoH's return to Las Vegas is shown.

Six-Man Tag Match
Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Cedric Alexander vs. The Young Bucks & ACH

Alexander and Nick Jackson start off and the two trade pin attempts until Cedric hits a dropkick. Matt tags in and hits a uranage gutbuster, and the Bucks hit a double team move. Alexander with a running headscissors to the outside and a tope con hilo. Alexander then tags Daniels.

Daniels lands a punch and a smash to the turnbuckle, then tags Kaz. They hit a double team kick series, then a double team neckbreaker, and Daniels is back in. Matt finally gets Daniels to the corner and tags ACH who gets acrobatic before landing a big dropkick. Nick does some cartwheels into a back rake on Daniels and taunts his opponents. ACH is tagged back in.

ACH ends up outside and The Addiction hit him with a assisted powerbomb on the floor. Back inside Alexander kicks him in the back of the head, but only gets two. Daniels is tagged in, and all three teammates land slingshot moves in succession on ACH for two.

Tag is made and all hell breaks loose as Matt does a moonsault to the outside, then he and Nick hit a standing moonsault/flying splash combo, followed by a double suicide dive. Daniels comes over the top onto everyone, then ACH follows with a tope con hilo onto the pile.

Back in the ring Matt Jackson gets two on a flying elbow drop and Daniels counters with a nice pushing stomp. Jackson tags ACH, who lands a double stomp. Daniels tags Alexander, who gets a Michinoku Driver, but the pin is broken up. The Young Bucks punish Alexander with elbows before an assisted shiranui.

Bucks hit a turnbuckle powerbomb/kick then Kaz with a cutter to Nick, then ACH out of nowhere with a slingshot Paydirt, then a kick from Alexander, then a Superkick from Matt Jackson, then Daniels goes for Angel's Wings but gets superkicked. That was insanity.

Bucks hit a double superkick on Alexander out of a monkey flip from ACH, and the superkick party is on. Daniels turns Matt inside out with a clothesline, then hits a uranage on ACH, but misses the BME. All three opponents superkick Daniels. Alexander takes down all three opponents, and hits them with big corner dropkicks. He goes up top, but ACH stops the frankensteiner and the Bucks superkick him. Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Alexander, followed by a 450 by ACH. Wild match.

Winners: Young Bucks & ACH via pinfall (Meltzer Driver and 450)

- Moose vs. RD Evans is up next. Promo video time.

Moose (w/ Prince Nana & Stokely Hathaway) vs. RD Evans

Moose extends his hand for the Code of Honor, but Evans smacks him and goes to work with chops. He tries to use his speed advantage, but Moose hits a huge dropkick. Evans ducks and Moose goes over the top rope. Evans tries to slingshot out but Moose catches him and F5's Evans into the post. The crowd loves Moose, even as he tosses Evans into the guard rail.

Veda Scott shows up looking concerned as Moose back body drops Evans. RD tries to battle back with punches but gets caught with a clothesline for a two count. Evans gets a couple of boots up, and follows up with a corner dropkick. Evans struggles to get up, but snaps Moose's back across the ropes. I'm not sure how that's any different than hitting the ropes. Evans botches three consecutive springboards before finally going to the top rope for a shoulderblock. That was really ugly.

He goes up again but gets caught with a punch, Evans scores with a tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT, but his miscues have got the fans completely out of the match. Evans locks on the Sharpshooter and you could hear a pin drop in the arena. Stokely slides a chair in the ring and the ref tosses both managers as Evans lets go of the hold.

Moose is about to spear Evans, but Veda stops him. She throws a low blow and turns on Evans in a move that could be seen a mile away. Big spear on Evans for the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall (Spear)

- Promo video for Lethal/Sydal is up next.

ROH Television Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini & J. Diesel) vs. Matt Sydal

Lethal starts with an armbar, but gets tripped and Sydal works the leg. Lethal grabs a headlock, Sydal to an arm ringer, but Lethal with a shoulder block. The two flip and avoid each other's moves, until Lethal comes up empty on a Lethal Injection.

Lethal boots Sydal, but Sydal hits a beautiful series of armdrags and a drop kick. Sydal up top, Lethal tries to stop him, but cant and rolls out of the ring. He gets advice from Martini then heads back to the ring.

Back inside, Lethal puts the boots to Sydal. Matt comes off the ropes with a running rana and a leaping kick, finally getting a two count off of a spinning heel kick. Lethal snaps Sydal's head across the rope and tries to come off the top, but Sydal catches him with a kick.

Sydal with a big series of kicks that ends in Lethal heading outside to seek refuge with J. Diesel. Lethal runs in, gets swept and Sydal gets two on a standing moonsault. Sydal gets tossed in the air and his leg comes down on the top rope. Really cool looking but risky move.

Lethal goes to work with big punches, elbows and European uppercuts as Sydal fights back with kicks. Sydal goes to hit the ropes and Martini pulls down the top rope. Sydal grabs Martini but Lethal hits two suicide dives in a row.

Lethal goes for belly-to-back suplex that Sydal turns into a body press. Lethal doesn't let him keep the advantage as he quickly pummels Sydal. Matt gets a double stomp to the chest after a roll through but is slow to get up. Sydal with four kicks and a huge flying knee that only gets two. A split-legdrop from Sydal also gets two. Lethal Combination from Lethal, but only a two count on that as well.

Lethal bodyslams Sydal and signals for the elbow smash. Sydal puts his boot up, but Lethal catches it, hits a belly-to-back neckbreaker, then scores with the flying elbow smash for two. Sydal reverses a powerbomb with a ran, then finds a home for the corner clothesline. Sydal comes off the top with the double knees, then lands the shooting star press, but Martini pulls the ref out before three.

Martini is in the ring and gets kicked by Sydal. Matt does the shooting star to Martini, but Lethal caught Sydal with the cutter. Lethal Injection for the three count.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Television Title

- She's not shown on TV, but Mick Foley's daughter Noelle is backstage at ROH.

ROH World Tag Team Titles
reDRagon (c) vs. TimeSplitters

Kushida tries to get Kyle to get in his guard, which isn't very practical in a pro wrestling match where you don't want your shoulders pinned. The two trade holds until Kyle tries an mma-style armbar. Shelley and Fish tag in.

Hip toss from Fish, but Shelley comes back with a dropkick. O'Reilly is tagged in but is promptly grounded with a drop toe hold. Shelley and Kushida tag in and out while holding an arm ringer an obscene amount, like ten times. They knock Fish of the apron and chase Kyle outside, and drop both of reDRagon to the arena floor.

Kyle tries to roll through a sunset flip, but Shelley is tagged in and hits a big flying body press. Shelley is on the apron but Fish drops him shoulder first across the ring apron, for our third apron spot of the night here. Back inside O'Reilly works on Shelley's arm, but Alex fights back with big slaps. O'Reilly went for an armlock, but Shelley gets out and Fish is tagged in.

Fish with a slingshot somersault senton, then slaps on a seated top wristlock. When Shelley fights out, Fish runs into him like a freight train, then tags out to O'Reilly. The tandem knock Shelley to the mat, then drag Kushida off the apron. Shelley is in a bad way as Kyle gets to after slamming Shelley's shoulder into the ground.

Finally after a tag to Fish, Shelley Flatlines Kyle into the buckle and is about to make the hot tag to Kushida but O'Reilly pulls Kushida off the apron. O'Reilly back in and forearms Shelley while Fish is up top. Shelley kicks Kyle off and into the ropes, which knocks Fish off the top. The hot tag is made to Kushida, and he cleans house until he's caught with a double punch off of a springboard attempt.

Kushida has O'Reilly in a prawn pin while he German suplexes Fish at the same time for two. Fish and Shelley are brawling outside, and Kyle tries to fly off the apron but he's caught by a Shelley superkick. Kushida comes down on the pile with a somersault senton from the top.

Back inside Shelley has Kyle on his shoulders while Kushida hits a missile dropkick, but they only get two. Shelley is shoved off the top rope and reDRagon high-lows Kushida for two. O'Reilly goes for a brainbuster and Kushida turns it into a Fujiwara armbar. O'Reilly pulls a guillotine but Shelley breaks it up. Kyle goes for an armbar but gets superkicked by Kushida.

Kushida and Shelley with a powerbomb/top rope sliced break no. 2 combo but the count is broken up. Shelley comes up empty on a dive outside and Kushida hits a back breaker. O'Reilly locks on a triangle, which again puts his shoulder on the mat but the ref doesn't count. A Saito suplex from Fish gets two.

Fish and O'Reilly take turns running knees and forearms into Shelley in the corner. Kushida hits a superkick on O'Reilly that knocks his mouth guard out. Fish is tossed to the apron but immediately scores a somersault senton on Shelley. In the ring Kyle hits a rebound clothesline and a brainbuster for two. reDRagon with a brainbuster/kick combo for two before Kyle submits Kushida with an armbar that again, had Kushida pinned anyway. Wild match.

Winners: reDRagon via submission (armbar) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship

- Main event time! Briscoe/Cole video airs.

ROH World Championship
Fight Without Honor
Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Adam Cole

Briscoe hits the J Driller right out of the gate!! He only gets two. That was nuts. Cole rolls to the outside and is followed by Briscoe. Cole is placed on the table that Elgin brought out earlier and Briscoe puts Cole through it with a double stomp! Briscoe is absolutely squashing Cole right now.

Briscoe has a staple gun! Right before he uses it, Cole blasts Jay across the skull with a steel chair. Outside of an elbow to start the match, this it the first offense of the night for him. Cole staples Briscoe's head repeatedly. The piece of paper is still hanging from Briscoe's head as he's rolled in the ring.

Cole with a vertical suplex and finally the stapled paper is off of Briscoe's head. Cole sits in the chair and chinlocks Briscoe, but Jay breaks free and Briscoe boots him. The chair is wedged in the ropes and Cole is tossed into it head first. Briscoe grabs another table and slides it in the ring before pulling staples out of his skull.

Briscoe sets up the table, but Cole drops Jay's head across his knee from a suplex position. Briscoe elbows out of a fireman's carry and Falcon Arrows Cole through two chairs!! It only gets two, but these guys are getting violent.

Speaking of violent, Briscoe gets a singapore cane and brings it in only to have it stolen by Cole. Adam beats the hell out of Briscoe with it, culminating in a big shot to the head for two. RoH doesn't care about concussions evidently.

Cole drags Briscoe's legs around the ring post, but Briscoe pulls Cole face first into that post. Cole is split open, and gets hit with the cane. Back in the ring Brisoe locks on a modified Camel Clutch as the athletic commission's doctor checks on Cole.

Briscoe goes outside and beats up the commission members and drags and Cole back into the ring. A neckbreaker gets two. Briscoe goes and gets yet another table, then pummels Cole. Adam superkicks Briscoe and it sends him through the table on the outside.

Cole grabs the ROH Title and bashes Briscoe over the head with it for a solid 2.9 count. A superkick into a Florida Key only gets two and Cole can't believe it. Cole is caught coming off the top and Briscoe sends him through the table with a death valley driver.

Briscoe goes outside and gets thumb tacks. Cole hits a low blow, shoves thumb tacks in Briscoe's mouth and super kicks him but only gets two! Cole going for Florida Key but gets booted twice and almost falls into the tacks. Cole reverses the third time but gets back body dropped right into them. J Driller! Two count! J Driller on the title belt, three count. That was memorable

Winner: Jay Briscoe via pinfall (J Driller) to retain the ROH World Championship

Briscoe celebrates to close the show.


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