Ring Of Honor TV Report (12/22): No DQ Main Event, Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong

Tonight's show is from Baltimore, Maryland. Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly are on commentary.

Roderick Strong vs. Papadon

The two adhere to the Code of Honor. Strong cartwheels out of an arm ringer, leaps over Papadon, and rolls him up quickly for two. As soon as the pin is broken, Papadon lands some chops but eats a calf kick from Strong. Roderick follows up with a backbreaker for two. Papadon answers with his own backbreaker for two, and yanks Strong off the ropes as he tries to climb. A big uppercut and a rope assisted DDT from Papadon gets two.

Papadon hits some bad looking kicks, but Strong hits him with a knee, then a suplex/double knee backbreaker for the pin.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall (Suplex/Backbreaker)

We go to commercial.

Hansen vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin takes the mic, but the two go right at it, failing to shoulder block each other. They quickly end up outside where Hansen tosses Elgin into the barricade and lands a big suicide dive. Hansen takes Elgin back in the ring and clubs him in the corner, followed by a big clothesline.

Hansen blocks a clothesline and delivers one of his own. He misses the Spin Kick of Doom, and Elgin counters with a cradle powerbomb. The two trade punches until Elgin boots Hansen in the face. Elgin follows up with a somersault leg drop to the back of Hansen's head. A big splash from Elgin only gets two.

Elgin and Hansen both end up outside, where Hansen peels up the mats and back body drops Elgin. Hansen grabs a table, and a camera guy jumps on Hansen's back but is disposed of. Elgin slams a table in Hansen's face, and drops him through the table with the double-arm DDT. The match is thrown out.

No Contest

Hansen gets back up as we go to commercial.

Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrara vs. Brutal Burgers

Ferrara grabs a cravate on Cheeseburger, but he keeps escaping, finally flipping out of it. He grabs an arm ringer and tags in Bob, who keeps working the arm. Ferrara gets to the rope to escape a Fujiwara armbar, but Bob goes right back to work on it. He tags to Cheeseburger, but Ferrara gets to Coleman, who comes in and assists on a double hip-toss.

Ferrara is tagged back in and suplexes Cheeseburger, who tags Bob. Bob hits an insane crucifix arm breaker and knocks Coleman from the ring, and then shoulder blocks Ferrara. Coleman hits the ring and hits three northern lights suplexes, but Ferrara German suplexes Cheeseburger and gets the pin because he's the legal man.

Winners: Will Ferrara & Caprice Coleman via pinfall (via German suplex)

After the match Bob pushes Cheeseburger down, but immediately regrets it. They hug right after, but Cheeseburger doesn't look happy.

No Disqualification Match
Cedric Alexander vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Alexander duel with chairs like swords, then trade big kicks that send Cedric outside. Ciampa goes after him with a trash can, but Alexander hits him and they go inside where Alexander lands a 540 kick that sends Ciampa back outside. Alexander tries to come over the top rope but Ciampa chucks a trash can at his face before the commercial.

Back from the break Ciampa has Alexander's head wrapped in a chair, and then runs it into the ring post. Ciampa puts a trash can over Alexander and kicks it for a two count. Ciampa goes to get a piece of guardrail but Alexander fights back and rolls him back in the ring. Alexander grabs several chairs and tosses them into the ring.

Alexander buries Ciampa in chairs and then hits him with them repeatedly....for a two count. Alexander makes a table out of the guardrail and chairs and lays Ciampa across it. Ciampa fights off when Alexander goes up top as the crowd chants "please don't die." Ciampa superplexes Alexander through it, and they're both dead. Commercial time.

Back from commercial, and Ciampa is unhinging the apron, but gets caught and Alexander hits him with a big swanton over the top rope to the outside. Alexander scores with a huge frog splash, but still only gets two. After that, he puts a chair on Ciampa and repeats the process.....again only two. Alexander starts to beat down Ciampa, and chokes him with a bungee from the apron. He hangs Ciampa from the buckle and dropkicks him. Gross spot, not even fun to watch.

Somehow Ciampa fights back and hits a brainbuster through a chair for...a two count. They get up and trade shots, which ends in Ciampa landing a big knee and a rope assisted neckbreaker to the exposed wood on the ring for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall (rope assisted neckbreaker on exposed ring)


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