Ring Of Honor TV Results (12/28): Big Tag Wars Main Event, Adam Cole Vs. Brian Kendrick

We're in Baltimore with Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly. Tonight's main event will be the Tag Wars finals.

Brian Kendrick vs. Adam Cole

The two follow the Code of Honor but Kendrick kicks Cole and goes for a dive, which meets a Cole kick. Kendrick goes back inside and lands a suicide dive anyway. Back inside Kendrick hits a flying body press but gets a knee from Cole.

The two go through a reversal series that sees Kendrick get a quick two count and throwing on a headlock takeover. Kendrick hits a superkick and goes for Sliced Bread, but Cole tosses him from the ring before the commercial.

Back from the break Cole is still in control, but Kendrick fights back with strikes. A fireman's carry neckbreaker from Cole gets two, and he runs Kendrick's head into the turnbuckle. A big whip into the opposite buckles sends Kendrick to the mat as Cole taunts the crowd.

Cole with a backbreaker for two, and applies a chinlock. Kendrick fights out and gets a two count, but eats a Cole superkick. He thwarts Cole's attemtps to charge him in the corner, but gets caught with an enziguri and shining wizard for two.

Cole lowers his knee pad but misses a shining wizard and gets rolled up for two. Cole kicks Kendrick's leg, but gets caught going up top. Cole is able to hit the sunset flip bomb and a shining wizard, and only gets two!

A huge look of frustration on Cole's face, and he has a suplex reversed and is flattened with a dropkick. Kendrick with a Burning Hammer for two, and follows up with a senton. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread again but is crotched on the top rope. Cole hits a spider suplex but is stuck in the buckles.

Kendrick with a big dragon suplex but gets two. He goes to the apron and springboards into another superkick. Cole hits the suplex neckbreaker and the Florida Keys for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall (Florida Keys)

- Tag Wars is up next. Nigel McGuinness joins the announce team.

Tag Wars Finals
ROH Tag Team Championship
ReDragon (c) vs. Briscoe Brothers vs. Matt Sydal & ACH vs. The Addiction

Kaz starts with a headlock on ACH, who turns it into a top wristlock. The two trade holds until Daniels comes in with a clothesline and an assisted moonsault, followed by a Lionsault of his own.

ACH reverses a Daniels suplex and trades tags with Sydal. The two repeatedly kick Daniels, and Sydal lands a standing moonsault. Daniels is able to kick out and tag Bobby Fish, who eats a kick from Sydal.

Jay Briscoe makes a blind tag on Sydal and knocks him down. He and his brother take turns clotheslining Kyle, who has also tagged in. Mark Briscoe hits a belly-to-belly suplex, fishhooks, and cross face punches leading to a belly to back slam. He then tags Jay Briscoe who hits a dropkick. Daniels blind tags Briscoe and the two argue.

All hell breaks loose after ReDragon turn the Briscoes and Addiction against each other. The two teams turn their attention to ReDragon and go back at it.

Mark and Daniels are in the ring, when Mark gets bounced from the ring by an STO. Jay comes in with a death valley driver, and Kaz does a sunset flip bomb from the inside to the outside on Jay. ReDragon try to capitalize but Daniels strikes down Kyle.

ACH is back into the fray and hits an insane Fosbury Flop, followed by a big springdive by Sydal, and a slingshot moonsault by Daniels. Mark Briscoe goes up top, but gets caught by a big kick. He's caught by a huge suplex/facebuster combo by Addiction and is eliminated before the break!!!

Back from the commercial Kaz gets a nearfall on Kyle, and goes for a gutwrench suplex for another one. He and Daniels work over Kyle, who escapes, runs around the ring to make a quick tag to Fish who drops Daniels.

A tag back to Kyle, who hits a series of kneedrops on Daniels. A chickenwing is applied to Daniels, and then an armbar. Daniels reaches the ropes but Fish is tagged in and suplexes him.

Daniels is worked over and finally tags Sydal, who comes in and takes down both members of ReDragon, getting a nearfall. A quick tag to ACH, and a flying double knee and cross body gets a two count.

ACH knocks Kyle off the apron, and Kaz is tagged in, who gives ACH a big kick. A hiptoss neckbreaker to ACH allows Kaz to tag Daniels. The two land a facecrusher/legdrop but it's broken up. Kaz hits a slingshot cutter on Sydal but eats a kick from ACH. ACH and Daniels with a cross body block at the same time leaves everyone down.

Back from the commercial, Addiction is still in control. A shooting star press from Sydal and a 450 from ACH eliminate Daniels and The Addiction, and we're down to two teams.

ReDragon jump on ACH, but Sydal comes to his rescue and knees both men. Sydal body scissors Kyle, but gets kicked down by Fish. ACH comes to the outside with his amazing flip dive, but misses the 450. ReDragon hits the kneedrop/backbreaker but Sydal breaks it up.

Fish with a Saito supex on Sydal and they high-low ACH. Brainbuster/Kick combo gets the pin on ACH.

Winners: ReDragon via pinfall (Suplex/Kick combo) to retain the RoH Tag Team Championships


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