Roman Reigns Talks Being Shocked About The Shield Split, When WWE Had Their Eye On Him, NXT, More

Roman Reigns spoke to 106.9 the Fox this week about a variety of topics including his injury, NXT and The Shield. Here are the highlights:

* Reigns said that if he wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time due to his hernia, he could have died. He'd been fighting the pain and had become accustomed to it, but couldn't fight it any longer.

* Roman says that everyone on the roster has their aches and pains, especially when the weather is cold and rainy. The time off due to the hernia helped him heal up other injuries as well.

* He says he was kind of shocked The Shield was split, because WWE had so much invested in the faction.

* He spoke highly of NXT and the rest of WWE's developmental territory. He said a few of them are a few months away from having their lives change and being huge stars.

* Reigns said he took his Superman punch from MMA. He said that he's done it since his developmental days, but decided to add theatrics to it in order to get a better reaction.

* About his father Sika being a WWE superstar, he said the door to get into WWE was much closer for him than other people. Reigns said that WWE knew about him when he was going into college football and they had their eye on him all along.

* Reigns says he wants to do everything he can to stand out, but won't be discouraged if things don't come his way immediately.

Source: 106.9 The Fox


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