Ryback Talks Why He Was Released From WWE Developmental, Being Negative, Getting Re-Signed

After a stop and start pro wrestling career, it seems as if Ryback's WWE run is back on track. However, it was almost over before it even started.

In 2006, Ryback, then known as Ryan Reeves was released from the company. He's gained entry to the WWE after competing on the fourth season of Tough Enough alongside the likes of Miz, Daniel Puder, and others. Ryback talked about this release on the Talk Is Jericho podcast.


"I got released from OVW and was ashamed to go back home to Vegas. Nobody saw it coming, but at that point in my life, I saw it coming," he said. "I was in a very negative mindset. I came up through Deep South under Bill DeMott, who was very hard on me. He was great to me outside of it. He pushed me and I am who I am because of how he trained me. At the time I couldn't take that reinforcement. I carried that over with me to OVW and I got released."

Ryback said he did nothing but train and drink alcohol for a year and fell into a depression because of being released.

"Luke Gallows came into Smoky Bones (where Ryback worked) and left me a 30 dollar tip," Ryback said. Gallows told Ryback that he shouldn't be in that situation and told him to purchase a book called "The Secret." Ryback said that the book changed his life and career.


Shortly after, Ryback joined OVW and with the aid of Danny Davis developed his Terminator-esque character. Eventually Ryback was re-signed by WWE after making the significant changes.