Seth Rollins Talks About Being Polarizing, What's Been Weighing Heavily On His Mind

The National has an interview with Seth Rollins, who was promoting that upcoming WWE tour in Abu Dhabi. Here are a couple of highlights:

Being a heel:

"My character is very polarising, sure. There's a lot of stuff I've done over the past year that people haven't been too pleased about and to be the best at anything, you've gotta make some enemies. So call me number one villain, call me hero, call me top guy in WWE. Whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. I'm happy with what I've done to get here."

Almost winning the WWE Championship:

"If it hadn't been for John Cena at the Night Of Champions, I'd have defeated [current champion] Brock Lesnar. I was seconds away. That's been weighing heavily on my mind. But I'm a patient man."

Source: The National


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