The Rock Congratulates WWE's Kevin Owens, ECW Originals Film Special At WWE HQ, Owens' Theme

- We noted several weeks back that Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie of The bWo filmed segments at WWE studios in Stamford for the next ECW Unreleased DVD that comes out in 2015. PWInsider reports that the two also filmed a "bWo special" for the WWE Network that will air in 2015. The special will see the two invade WWE headquarters and take it over."


- WWE has released Kevin Owens' new theme song "Fight" on iTunes at this link.

- We noted in the past how The Rock and Kevin Steen had developed a "Twitter friendship" and Rock even congratulated Steen on signing with WWE. Rock congratulated Steen last night after making his WWE NXT debut as Kevin Owens at Takeover. Rock wrote: