The Rock Gives Jimmy Fallon A Present, Dana White - Rock, Shaq Nails Rock With His Catchphrase

- As noted earlier, The Rock's new show, Wake Up Call, premieres tonight on TNT at 9pm ET. UFC President appears in a commercial for the show, which you can watch above, and talks about going through hard times before becoming part-owner of the UFC. Below is a synopsis for the show:

"By the time Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was 23, he had multiple arrests, his family was evicted and his dreams of being a football player were shattered. He was living at home with no future, no direction and had $7 in his pocket. That's when he made a choice -- to challenge himself every day. And to turn himself around. Rock is returning to his roots, to help those who are struggling and to show them that there can be a better way."

- The Rock made an appearance on Inside the NBA on TNT last night. The segment started with the hosts showing a clip of Shaq and The Big Show from RAW in 2009. Shaq was asked which wrestlers he could take, and he said that he could take The Big Show, Chris Jericho (who he called Cristina, like on his RAW appearance) and Hulk Hogan. Shaq then said that he could take The Rock, which prompted Rock to appear (via satellite). Rock and Shaq traded some barbs before Shaq hit The Rock with his own catchphrase.

"On a serious note, can you tell us when the show premieres?" Shaq asked. Just as The Rock was about to answer, Shaq replied, "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHEN THE SHOW PREMIERES!"

You can watch the appearance at by clicking here.

- The Rock also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote the show. During Rock's last appearance on the show, Fallon poked fun at this 90s photo of The Rock sporting a fanny pack. Fallon then proceeded to present the Rock with a Hercules action figure that came complete with a fanny pack and turtleneck (watch the segment here). The Rock returned the favor on last night's episode, presenting the new father with a Fallon "Exhausted Dad" action figure, that came with a Bjorn. You can watch the segment below:

The Rock and Fallon also had a staredown on the show, as seen below:

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