Triple H Gives Corey Graves A Contract (Video), Regal Makes NXT Match, Reacts To Owens

- Above is video of Triple H awarding Corey Graves with a two year deal at WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution last night. As noted, Graves is retiring from in-ring work and will be announcing.

- In the video below, NXT General Manager William Regal reacts to Kevin Owens attacking new NXT Champion Sami Zayn. Regal says he gave Owens a chance to come to NXT and for Owens to ruin Sami's celebration, Regal feels like the worst father in the world.

- In this video that was shot before Sasha Banks lost to NXT Women's Champion Charlotte, Regal puts Bayley into a match with Becky Lynch for next Thursday's NXT.

Bigtuna212 contributed to this article.


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