Triple H Talks Charlotte Losing On RAW, Scripted Promos, NXT On PPV, Being Impressed With NXT Star

Triple H held his customary conference call to help promote the upcoming NXT special event NXT Takeover: R Evolution. He talked about a number of topics at length. The highlights are below:

* HHH said that the NXT special would air on Sky Sports 3 in the UK, and they're working on getting the WWE Network up and runing there. He said the think that Zayn and Neville have a great chemistry and can take it to the next level Thursday. He also says he thinks Charlotte and Sasha Banks can take the Divas division in a new direction.

* He was asked about Charlotte losing in quick fashion in her Raw debut. Triple H said that there were time constraints and as the show went on they lost more and more time on the segment and it had to be the way that it was. He added that when Charlotte returns to Raw, she will be presented much different, making it sound like it could be a while before Charlotte will be on the main roster, noting that they'll forget about this match.

* Triple H said they are considering an NXT tie-in during WrestleMania week, but it's a busy week so maybe not.

* HHH said in six months he hopes that Zayn and Neville are both WWE stars. It will all come down to integrating them into WWE in the best way possible. He said that even though NXT is developmental for the WWE, he looks at them as their own brand.

* Someone asks about the rumors that WWE developmental talents are told they have to invest two years before making a roster. Triple H explained that you couldn't put a time frame on something like that, pointing out Kurt Angle as an exception. He also said that guys who have already worked a long time like Owens, Itami and Balor are ahead of others, so most of their preparation is in the way that WWE does things. He said that guys like Finn Balor had never done things with this type of production and had to learn.

* Triple H didn't rule out NXT titles being defended on WWE programming, but said Raw appearances are coming first. He reiterates that he wants to make NXT its own brand, and hopes to tour outside of Florida.

* Sami Zayn was put over by HHH big time. He was impressed about Zayn working for years in a mask, then coming out with amazing facial expressions. He compares Zayn to Ricky Steamboat, saying you cheer for him and don't want him to fail. He thinks that with his Syrian descent he can be a big star overseas.

* When asked about William Regal, Triple H said that he was an amazing asset to NXT. He is a great recruiter and trusts his opinion when it comes to evaluating new stars.

* A caller asked about the heavily scripted promos, and Triple H responded that a lot of the practice is being done ad-lib.


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