Triple H Thinks Sami Zayn Will Get Over Slowly, Rock & Shaq On 'Inside The NBA' Video, Stock Update

- Above is video of The Rock's appearance on Inside the NBA on TNT last night that we mentioned earlier. It's worth a watch, it features some great banter between The Rock and NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal.

- WWE stock was down 1.40% today, closing at $11.23.

- has an article here about new NXT Champion Sami Zayn, who is of Syrian descent, noting that he "could be the success story that will bring wrestlers from the Middle East and India into the wrestling entertainment brand." They also posted comments from the NXT conference call earlier this week where Triple H stated that he thinks Zayn will get over slowly with the fanbase.

"I do think he can succeed, I think it would take some time, he is the slow built kind of guy," Triple H said of Zayn. "Every time you see him he wins you over with that emotion and that quality and that realness. He lets you inside who he is as a person, you know it's very Steamboat-esque, in a way, that level of emotional connection to a talent that takes you and really invests you in him as a person and a character. His growth curve has been phenomenal, he had all the tools, but to see him do what he's done in a relatively short period of time is awesome and I can't wait for him to get that opportunity on the [main] roster."

Marc Dykton contributed to this article.


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