UFC Fighter Talks CM Punk Doing MMA, Wants Punk To Bring His WWE Fanbase With Him

UFC Fighter "Cowboy" Donald Cerrone recently spoke with MMAJunkie.com and had the following to say about CM Punk joining the company and bringing some of his WWE fans with him:

"My attitude with CM Punk is: good, why not? The guy did what he had to do. He's got money. He doesn't need to come to the UFC. So that's just like a challenge he's doing on his own. It's not like he's hurting and is like, 'Man, I need to find a new career.' He's like, 'No, I've made my life. I've done what I need to do. I'm going to come and try this.' I told him to come to the ranch. Bring that WWE money and come out and train with me.

"Who am I to say CM Punk can't fight? We've never seen the guy fight, never seen him train. I heard he's got good jiu-jitsu. Teach the guy I don't know if you can do some of the wrestling moves he does in the WWE, but he might be. Come on. Why not? Bring that fan base. They sell out arenas every night, so why not bring that over? I think Brock coming over was great. CM Punk, yeah, come on with it. Put me on the same card as him."

Cerrone will face Myles Jury at UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier this Saturday night. Make sure to join us for full live coverage of UFC 182, followed by our live coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 9 at 2am ET.


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