WWE Divas Reaction To Vince McMahon's "Lack Of Ambition" Comment

Naomi appeared on Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll this week. During the interview, Naomi discussed the couples in WWE, getting close to the Divas championship, helping make Cameron a better wrestler and more. Naomi was also asked about Vince McMahon's recent comments on Steve Austin's podcast where he said that the current locker room lacked ambition.

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"Everyone was pretty shocked and taken back by it," Naomi said. "I think we all see what the intent was and that's just to light a fire and push everyone to work harder. I mean if it did nothing else, it definitely pissed us off to where we kinda want to go ten times harder than we were before. I think it's a good thing, sometimes you have some negative and some positive, and I think that's what Vince was trying to do to us all."

Naomi said that there was "absolutely not" a lack of ambition with the Divas, and that they are all competitive and ambitious. She said that the more that they are showcased and given the opportunity to show what they can do, the more they can prove themselves. She brought up AJ Lee, noting that she elevated the Divas division, but was given the mic time and opportunity to show what she can do.

You can listen to the full interview at CBS Local Sports by clicking here.


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