WWE Live Event Results From Cincinnati (12/27): Hulk Hogan Appears, Bray Wyatt Attacks, More

- Thanks to Bill Jurney for the following WWE live event result from tonight's show in Cincinnati, Ohio:

* Sin Cara beat Justin Gabriel in the opener.

* Bray Came in after the match to attack Gabriel and Cara. He cut a promo on Dean Ambrose to set up their match for later.

* Los Matadores and El Torito beat Tyler Breeze, Titus O'Neil and Hornswoggle. Like I read in another report from Friday night, Breeze stood out here but he could have been used better because this was a kids match. Titus pitched a fit and tossed Christmas trees on the stage after the loss.

* Bad News Barrett came out and ripped on Cincinnati, saying we weren't worthy for his return match.

* R-Truth beat Adam Rose. Rose also pitched a fit post-match and yelled at The Rosebuds.

* Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart came out to a big pop. Hogan popped Cincinnati and talked about possibly wrestling against Steve Austin, John Cena or Brock Lesnar. Lana and Rusev came out to run down Hogan. They came face to face but Roman Reigns made the save to a loud pop.

* Reigns beat Rusev by DQ when Rusev used the United States Championship. The whole segment with Hogan and this match had to be over 30 minutes. But the match was a good back-n-forth contest. Reigns hit a spear after the match.


* Charlotte, Naomi and Natalya beat Sasha Banks, Summer Rae and Cameron in a Santa's Helper Match.

* Kofi Kingston and Big E beat Tyson Kidd and Cesaro plus Goldust and Stardust in a #1 contenders triple threat. All three teams went at it the whole time, this was very good.

* Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt in a Cincinnati Street Fight. This was another long but very good match. They did all the weapon spots and the table bumps. Ambrose seemed to really be enjoying the post-match celebration.


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