WWE Live Event Results From Richmond (12/29): Reigns Opens, NXT Stars, Curtis Axel, More

- Thanks to Big Wayne for the following WWE live event results from Monday night's show in Richmond, Virginia, which ran opposite to the live RAW:

* Roman Reigns got an easy two minute win over Kane. He hit a really good Superman punch. This was so Reigns could get to DC in time for RAW.


* Tyler Breeze, Titus O'Neil and Hornswoggle beat Los Matadores and El Torito. Good outing for Breeze.

* Sin Cara beat Justin Gabriel in a really cool high-flyers match. I'd say Gabriel is very underrated but Cara looked impressive as well.

* Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods beat Goldust and Stardust, who did a good promo before the match. Big E cut a promo before the match also but The New Day just isn't working it seems.


* Santino Marella introduced the Santa Little Helper's Match. Charlotte, Emma and Alicia Fox beat Sasha Banks, Cameron and Summer Rae. Charlotte got a big pop in Flair Country, lots of whooooo's also. She and Charlotte had great outings like Breeze.

* Curtis Axel played the babyface and beat Adam Rose, who did a heel promo before the match.


* Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt in a street fight main event. They did all the expected spots with tables, kendo sticks and the norm. They seemed to go a little longer than on TV and it made for a great main event. Ambrose hung around some to celebrate before closing the show.