WWE Monday Night RAW Results (12/22): Ambrose Vs. Wyatt, Cena Vs. Rollins, Hulk Hogan

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Tonight's show is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole will be announcing. The stage is set up for a Christmas theme.

- Hulk Hogan's music hits and he's out dressed as "Ho Ho Hogan." He says he's here to spread holiday cheer and starts a huge "Ho Ho Hogan." He's going to give presents to the superstars, as well as the WWE Universe.

John Cena's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. He says he wants a Frozen sing-along playset for Christmas. They then show Cena getting attacked by Lesnar last week, costing him his cage match with Seth Rollins.

Cena wants a match with Seth Rollins for Christmas, and Rollins' music hits. He's out with J&J Security, who JBL calls his "evil elves." Rollins says he's the future of the WWE and the standard bearer.

Rollins says the real indictment of the WWE is that "Ho Ho Hogan" is running Raw when it should be the Authority. Huge Ho Ho Hogan chants break out as Rollins makes his case to see the Authority back. He says his Christmas wish is for Cena to bring them back.

Hogan books Seth Rollins vs. John Cena for right now!

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (w/ J&J Security)

Rollins grabs a headlock but is immediately bounced out of the ring by a Cena shoulder block. Rollins gets back in the ring thanks to a distraction from Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury and puts the boots to Cena.

Rollins hits a second rope Blockbuster, but is only able to get a two count. Rollins methodically works Cena over, but Cena stands up and dropkicks him to the mat, leaving both men down. Rollins fires back with punches and kicks in the corner, and then starts working over Cena's knee. He gets a two before Cena powers out of a kickout.

Rollins stretches Cena's arms behind his back, but Cena powers out. Just as he's about to gain an advantage, Mercury blasts Cena as Rollins distracts the ref. We head to commercial after a two count.

Back from the commercial, Rollins is in control with a chinlock, but Cena breaks out. Cena hits a shoulder tackle, but misses a second one and goes outside where he eats a suicide dive from Rollins. Back in the ring, Rollins shuffle kicks Cena for 2.

Rollins flips and lands on his feet out of an AA, then tries to kick Cena. Cena grabs his foot and goes for the STF, but Rollins grabs the ropes and back flips to his feet, and then hits an enziguri.

Rollins is caught mid-air by Cena with a big sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Cena with his belly-to-back suplex and five knuckle shuffle, then tosses Rollins over the top rope on to J&J Security! Cena tosses Rollins back in and hits the top rope legdrop to the back of the head but can only get two.

The two end up on the turnbuckles, where Rollins sunset flips and takes Cena across the ring to powerbomb him into the turnbuckles! It only gets a two count, and both men struggle to get up.

Rollins goes for a Curb Stomp, but Cena locks on the STF! Rollins reaches the ropes, Cena drags him in the middle again. J&J Security interfere but eat a double AA. Another to Rollins, and Cena wins.

Winner: John Cena via pinfall (Attitude Adjustment)

- Kane shows up and says "bah humbug."

Jack Swagger vs. Fandango (w/ Rosa Mendes)

Swagger uses his amateur wrestling ability to get the leg up on Fandango, and almost grabs a Patriot Lock. A boot and a clothesline floor Fandango, and he follows up with a Vader Bomb.

Fandango kicks Swagger three times, hits the flying leg drop for the win in under three minutes.

Winner: Fandango via pinfall (flying legdrop)

- Dolph Ziggler is asked about his re-match with Luke Harper. Ziggler says there won't be a Christmas miracle, he's just going to steal the show.

- A New Day vignette is aired.

Adam Rose (w/ Exotic Express) vs. R-Truth

Rose starts out with a quick arm drag and dances. R-Truth and Rose then have a dance off. R-Truth rolls Rose up for the win.

Winner: R-Truth via pinfall (schoolboy roll-up)

The Bunny comes in the ring and tries to console Rose. Rose gets up and hits his awesome spinebuster, then puts the boots to the Bunny. The Exotic Express is terrified. The Bunny is against the stairs, and Rose runs a big knee into him.

Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Show tosses Reigns around to start, but Reigns gets him in the corner and lights Show up with punches. Right after, Reigns runs in to a big shoulder block and Show press slams him onto the top rope for two.

Show works Reigns over with strikes and a running elbow drop, but can only manage another two count. Show locks up Reigns in a straight jacket chinlock and but eats a boot in the corner from Reigns.

Reigns fights back with two big clotheslines before flooring Show with a third. He then hits an impressive Samoan drop. Reigns goes for a Superman punch, but ends up hitting a low dropkick, followed by his basement dropkick. He then Superman punches Show outside, and rolls back in before the ten count.

Winner: Roman Reigns via countout

- Ambrose is backstage being interviewed by Renee Young. He says he wants to beat down Bray Wyatt for Christmas.

Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella) vs. Natalya (w/ Tyson Kidd)

Natayla grabs an arm, but Brie lands a fireman's carry takedown and locks on an arm ringer. Natalya rolls and flips out, then elbows Brie's face. Natalya gets pulled off the second rope, and Brie hits her running knee.

Bella locks on a chinlock in the middle of the ring, but Natalya hits a catch wrestling style arm drag. Bella answers with a clothesline for two and locks another chinlock on. A sunset flip by Brie is countered by a Sharpshooter attempt, but Natalya instead pins Brie for the three count.

Winner: Natalya via pinfall

Tyson Kidd comes in and embraces Natayla, and then she knocks Nikki off the apron when she tries to enter the ring. Natalya poses with the Diva's title as Nikki holds her shin.

Gold & Stardust vs. Los Matadores & El Torito

Stardust pushes Torito, and ends up outside. Stardust catches Torito during a suicide dive attempt, but Torito arm drags him. Back inside Stardust tags Goldust, and Torito tags Fernando.

Goldust knocks Fernando to the mat, and shortly applies a chinlock before tagging out to Stardust. Ferandno catches Stardust with a big dropkick, and both tag their partners. Diego cleans house, and Torito makes the blind tag.

Goldust accidentally hits Stardust with Torito, and is knocked to the mat. Torito almost botches a springboard moonsault but gets the pin.

Winners: Los Matadores & El Torito via pinfall (springboard moonsault)

- Luke Harper is backstage and says he's going to give himself the Intercontinental championship as a present.

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Luke Harper

Harper interrupts the in-ring introductions by attacking Ziggler and landing a suicide dive to the outside. While outside the ring, Harper hits a Black Hole Slam and it puts Ziggler in a bad way. The ref still hasn't started the match.

Ziggler is in the ring and struggling to get to his feet, but tells the ref to ring the bell. Immediately Harper superkicks Ziggler and scores with a sit-down powerbomb but Ziggler barely kicks out. Harper continues working Ziggler over as we go to commercial.

Back from the break, Harper is still in control but Ziggler tries to fight back. Harper avoids a neckbreaker and boots Ziggler out of the ring. Harper goes after Ziggler outside and catches a superkick attempt and instead slams Ziggler face first across the announce table for a two count.

Harper applies a neck crank and tries to wear down Ziggler, but Ziggler punches out and connects with a big time dropkick. Pumhandle fallaway slam from Harper gets a two count. A big punch and Michinoku Driver get him a two again, and he's in disbelief.

Harper goes for a powerbomb but Ziggler reverses into a sunset flip bomb for two. After the kickout Harper quickly drops Ziggler with a boot to the jaw. He measures Ziggler for his big clothesline, but Ziggler superkicks him! Harper no-sells it and clotheslines him anyway but just gets two!

Ziggler busts out the old Billy Kidman reversal from the powerbomb attempt and follows with a Fameasser for two. Harper goes for another powerbomb, but Ziggler gets out and superkicks him twice! Zig Zag for the pin!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall (Zig Zag) to retain the Intercontinental Championship

- Ziggler says he fought through because of the fans. He's fought and clawed for his spot in the WWE and isn't letting anyone take the title from him.

- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper is out for "Piper's Pit" with Rusev and Lana. She says Americans are stupid for believing in Santa. Piper cuts her off and says in America, they can believe what they want.

Rusev threatens to crush Piper, but Piper just smiles at him and calls them communist scrooges. Ryback comes out in a bow. Yes. A bow. He and Rusev go at it, and Ryback catches a big kick and hits him with a Spinebuster.

Ryback sets up for the Meat Hook clothesline but Rusev escapes. He and Lana run from the ring as Piper raises Ryback's hand. They start "feed me more" chants.

Alicia Fox, Emma, & Naomi vs. Cameron, Summer Rae, & Paige

All of the Divas are dressed in Santa's helpers attire for this. Emma hits Summer with her hair, trips then dropkicks her. Summer with a quick tag to Cameron who screams and hits a Codebreaker.

The crowd goes crazy when Paige gets tagged in and headbutts Emma. She works over Emma with strikes and a chinlock, before slamming her to the mat. The crowd has gone silent as Emma and Paige land a double clothesline.

Emma with the hot tag to Naomi, who takes it to Cameron. Naomi hits a huge kick and a stunner over the ropes but Summer Rae breaks the tag. Everyone gets in the ring, but Paige is quickly the last one standing, until Emma pulls her from the ring. Alicia is tagged in and hits a modified rocker dropper for the win.

Winners: Alicia Fox, Emma, and Naomi via pinfall (modified rocker dropper)

- An Ascension vignette airs.

The Miz (w/ Damien Mizdow) vs. Jey Uso (w/ Jimmy Uso)

Miz grabs a headlock and knocks Uso to the mat. Uso answers with a leapfrog and then tosses Miz from the ring. Sandow follows, but Uso jumps over the top with a dive to the outside.

Back inside Miz catches Uso with a knee and stomps him. A running boot is countered with a Samoan Drop by Uso. Jey goes for the running hip bump and another Samoan drop, but a series of reversals ends in Miz getting the pin while holding the tights.

Winner: The Miz via pinfall

- Edge and Christian will be hosting Raw next week.

- Bray Wyatt comes out and cuts a promo saying there's more than holiday cheer. He says his world is full of despair, and he's going to take Dean Ambrose to his world.

Miracle 34th Street Fight
Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose stars out with punches, lighting Wyatt up. A quick clothesline looks to keep him in control, but Wyatt counters with punches. Again the momentum shifts after a forearm and dropkick from Ambrose that sends Wyatt outside the ring.

Ambrose sends Wyatt into a Christmas tree, then hits him with it. He grabs another TV monitor, but puts it up, since the last one blew up in his face. Ambrose pulls a table out but Wyatt attacks him. Ambrose hits a suicide dive and they tumble through all the presents.

Ambrose puts a wreath around Wyatt's head and tosses a present at his face. He opens up another gift to find a steel chair in a bow, but gets sent through a gift table by Wyatt before commercial.

Back from the break Wyatt is working over Ambrose with a chinlock and slams him to the mat. He follows up with a senton and goes right back to the chinlock. Ambrose tries to battle out but Wyatt just runs right over him.

Outside the ring, Wyatt sends Ambrose through a tree. He picks up a present, but the crowd chants "one more tree," and he sends Ambrose through it to a big ovation. Wyatt pulls out a half-dozen chairs and tosses them into the ring.

Wyatt pulls out a Singapore candy cane and beats Ambrose with it. It's wedged into the corner and they tease running each other face first into it, but Wyatt settles for abig clothesline instead.

Ambrose comes back and lands several big strikes and a bulldog. He grabs the candy cane but gets hit, and scores with the rebound clothesline instead. He follows with the White Russian Legsweep and goes to the second rope with a chair and elbows Wyatt for a two count.

A ladder is pulled out and Wyatt hits Ambrose with it. He sets up for Sister Abigail but Ambrose gets out and tosses Wyatt into the ladder. Ambrose climbs up to the sixth rung and hits his elbow drop but only gets two!

Ambrose goes back up, but Wyatt tosses a chair at him and knocks him off. He then runs Ambrose's face into the cane for the pin.

Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall

After the match Ambrose sprays Wyatt with a fire extinguisher and puts him through a table with an elbow drop! The crowd chants "yes" as Ambrose has a demented smile on his face.


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