WWE NXT R Evolution Results: New Champion Crowned, Charlotte Defends, Balor & Itami, Owens

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- Jason Albert, Renee Young and Alex Riley talk about the new blood in NXT, namely Hideo Itami and Finn Balor. Riley says they need something dark to take on the Ascension, and Albert says Itami is as popular in Japan as Ric Flair was in America.

- Corey Graves is here for his big announcement, and said that all his life he's wanted to become a pro wrestler. He says due to concussion related issues, he'll be retiring. He will be joining the NXT announce team, but looks devastated.

- A Kevin Owens (Steen) vignette airs. He'll be kicking off the show tonight.

- Lucha Dragons are backstage say that they're going to show everyone that they're "lu-cha," which translates to 'fight.'

- Bayley confronts Sasha Banks, but gets jumped by Becky Lynch.


- A video vignette for Sami Zayn's quest to win the NXT title is shown.

Kevin Owens vs. CJ Parker

Nice knowing you, CJ Parker. Kevin Owens gets a huge reaction. The crowd loves him.

Kevin Owens with two huge clotheslines in the corner and a somersault senton on Parker out of the box. Owens tears up Parker's sign and flips over the top rope onto Parker to the outside!

Parker with a cheap punch and puts the boots to Owens. A huge palm strike from Parker gets about 2.9. but Owens is up. Parker hits double knees in the corner but Owens answers with a clothesline. Owens got busted open hardway with the palm strike and it's messy.

Owens hits the Steenbreaker (pumphandle neckbreaker over the knee), and tosses Parker in the air before powerbombing him.

Winner: Kevin Owens via pinfall (powerbomb)

Can't imagine WWE officials will be thrilled with CJ Parker busting Owens open.

- Adrian Neville is shown preparing for his match backstage

NXT Tag Team Championship
Lucha Dragons (c) vs. The Vaudevillains

Sin Cara lands a sloppy headscissors combo on both opponents before tagging and throwing Kalisto on Gotch for an assisted senton.

Cara is tagged back in, but pulled out of the ring by English after a blind tag of his own. Gotch applies a chinlock, then switches to a head vice before tagging out and hitting Cara with a double chop. English pins but only gets a 1 count.


Sin Cara gets a boot up, but is tossed outside. A baseball slide from English, and then he yanks Kalisto off the apron. The Vaudevillais start working Cara over, using stomps and knee drops before going back to a headlock.

Cara manages to flip all the way across the ring and make the hot tag to Kalisto, who cleans house with a kick, a springboard spinning body press, and a handspring elbow....without the handspring.

The Vaudevillains are reeling and the Lucha Dragons go for a flip over the top, but English sacrifices himself and eats both big sentons. Back inside, Kalisto hits Salida del Sol for the win.

Winners: Lucha Dragons via pinfall (Salida del Sol) to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships

Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger

Dillinger gets a few punches, but Corbin hits Snake Eyes and a Big Boot. End of Days, Fin.

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall (End of Days)

Bull Dempsey looked on and the two get face to face after the match.

Hideo Itami & Finn Balor vs. The Ascension

Balor comes out in his paint gimmick, and the crowd loves it. Quite the grand entrance, it goes on for several minutes. They have something in the entrance alone.

Balor and Itami beat The Ascension into the corner and land dropkicks that send them reeling. Back in the ring Itami hits a big single leg dropkick for a one count. Balor comes in with a slingshot stomp on Viktor.


Itami pummels Konnor until he gets caught with a flapjack and tags back to Viktor. The Ascension continue the slow, methodical beating and hit a double shoulder block.

Itami fights back with a spin kick to the body and looks for the tag but Viktor tags back in and knocks Balor off the apron. Konnor and Viktor trade tags back and forth as they worth Itami's head with chinlocks and a fist drop.

The Itami beat down continues as Balor is outside with pristine paint still on. Itami moves out of the way of a charging Viktor and tosses Konnor from the ring. He almost makes the tag but Konnor pulls Balor from the apron, as this approaches RNR Express/Midnight Express levels of time. Finally the hot tag is made.

Balor with two clotheslines and JTG's old "Shout Out" move to Viktor. Balor wipes out both members of the Ascension with a flip to the floor. Balor hits the Saving Grace (reverse brainbuster) but the count is broken. Viktor comes back and hits a big STO, but Itami breaks the count.

The crowd goes crazy as Itami sets up for a GTS, but it's stopped. Ascension sets up for Fall of Man, but Balor hits a Pele kick, and the two land diving double foot stomps in stereo for the win.

Winners: Hideo Itami & Finn Balor via pinfall (diving double foot stomps)


- Roman Reigns is backstage getting interviewed by Renee Young. He wants to be the first NXT alumni to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

NXT Women's Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Banks starts off by running Charlotte's head into the buckle and chopping Charlotte, mocking Flair's daughter. Charlotte turns the tides by throwing chops of her own.

Banks is reeling but tosses Charlotte into the stairs outside. Back in the ring Sasha kicks Charlotte in the corner and delivers repeated shoulders to her chest. She wedges Charlotte between the ropes and drives her knees into the body of Charlotte.

Banks mocks the Flair shut but gets rolled up for the two. Banks with a tilt-a-whirl into the Bankrupt submission, as Charlotte finally gets out by running Banks into the corner. Banks quickly regains the advantage and locks on Charlotte's own figure 4 headlock.

Charlotte reverses the figure 4 headlock into the electric chair drop in a scary spot. Charlotte with several clotheslines and a Flair chop, followed by a big neckbreaker but only gets two. Banks tosses Charlotte from the ring, and hits a suicide dive! Wow. Back in the ring, Banks gets two.

Charlotte comes back with a big spear that turns Banks inside out! Charlotte charges Banks and eats a boot. Banks goes for the Bank Statement but Charlotte hits a back body drop. Banks cradles Charlotte after an attempted figure four leglock but it only gets two. Banks with a neckbreaker for two as well. This match is really good.


Charlotte scores with a good overhead suplex. Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault, misses, lands on her feet and does a somersault senton! Charlotte puts Banks up in a crucifix bomb but Banks reverses it. The two are on the top rope and Charlotte hits a front suplex on Banks, then Natural Selection from the top rope for the win!

Winner: Charlotte via pinfall (top rope Natural Selection) to retain the NXT Women's Championship

If you didn't see that match, go watch it. Both gave fantastic performances.

NXT Championship
Adrian Neville (c) vs. Sami Zayn

The crowd is all behind Zayn, and this match has a big feel to it.

Neville with a waistlock before working the arm, but the two trade reversals in a fantastic chain series that sees Neville flip back to his feet and stare down Zayn.

Zayn throws on a double wristlock and switches to the arm ringer before Neville reverses it into a chinlock. Neville goes to Zayn's arm and stops his reversal attempt by using an overhead suplex and an arm scissors.

Neville flips right out of an arm ringer attempt and locks on his own armbar, then flips out of Zayn's way twice before Zayn catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that sends Neville outside. Zayn comes outside with a slingshot Asai moonsault, then waits for Neville in the ring.


Zayn with a crucifix but only gets two. Neville dropkicks Zayn in the back of the head and leg drops Zayn for two, and locks on a chinlock and applies pressure. He tosses Zayn into the corner and gets a two count off of a huge uppercut.

Zayn comes back with a huge clothesline, followed by another and a dropkick. Zayn is sent outside with a rana, then Neville is sent outside and Zayn hits a big flip over the top rope. Zayn with a cross body from the top for two.

Zayn catches Neville in mid-air with an electric chair and turns it into the Blue Thunder Bomb! Neville kicks out and hits a running uppercut, then a boot! Bridging German Suplex gets a two count. Neville with a big spin kick and a sitdown powerbomb and it earns a two count.

Zayn is out on his feet as Neville tees off on him, but then they get in each other's faces and trade shots! Zayn off the ropes but Neville drops him with a kick. Neville up for Red Arrow but eats knees and Zayn locks in a Koji Clutch! Neville reaches the ropes and the crowd sinks.

Zayn goes for an Exploder but Neville rolls him up, and as Zayn kicks out Neville lands on the ref. Zayn checks on the ref and gets superkicked and gets caught with a reverse huracanrana but kicks out at 2.9! These two are really going at it.


Zayn runs into a hard forearm but catches Neville with two rolling German suplexes followed by a beautiful half nelson suplex. Neville is outside and Zayn hits the tornado DDT through the ropes!

Zayn sets up for the Helluva Kick but Neville pulls the ref in between them. The crowd chants "this ref sucks." Neville grabs the title but Zayn kicks him. Zayn thinks about using the title, but doesn't and gets rolled up for two. Zayn with the Exploder and Helluva Kick for the win!!

Winner: Sami Zayn via pinfall (Helluva Kick) to win the NXT Championship

The locker room empties, Kevin Owens comes out and embraces his former partner Sami Zayn. Zayn reaches out to shake Neville's hand. Neville kicks it away and embraces Zayn.

Owens walks up the ramp with Zayn and slams him into the ramp! Apron powerbomb! Zayn is out! Owens turns on Zayn!

Professional wrestling doesn't get a whole lot better than what you saw in the last hour of NXT.