WWE NXT Results: Adrian Neville Vs. Kevin Owens, Bailey In Action Against Becky Lynch

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Welcome to WrestlingINC.com's complete coverage of WWE NXT. Tonight's blockbuster show begins with all of WWE's signature pomp and grandeur along with a recap of the boffo R Evolution show. Did you know that 5-time NWA champ Adam Pearce worked behind the scenes at that show? Heck, we even posted an article about it here on WrestlingINC! Anyhoo, we get one more gander at Sami Zayn's epic win and the ensuing betrayal by pal Kevin Owens before we get down to business. Let's get biz-zay?


Adrian Neville hits the ramp looking somewhat humble as the announce team recounts all the major angles from last week's big show. By the way, Corey Graves is part of the announce team this week, so that's pretty good news. Neville tells fans he's proud of his performance at R Evolution and the crowd agrees. He also acknowledges that the better man won at Takeover and that Sami Zayn deserves to be champ. Neville says that he wants to introduce Zayne tonight and shake his hand but that Zayn isn't present tonight because of the attack he suffered by Kevin freakin' Owens. Adrian calls KO out and the big guy emerges on cue.

Both guys end up face to face in the ring and Neville says that Kevin's actions were shameful. Owens replies by stating that Neville's opinion is irrelevant and that he's going to take advantage of his arrival in NXT. He says he's here to get to the top and he's ready to fight anyone, including Neville. Owens exits the ring on that note and it seems certain that the two will meet in combat sometime soon.


A recap rolls of Becky Lynch's attack on Bayley and then we see a short interview with Becky in which she justifies her actions. She indicates she's learned a lot from Sasha Banks and that her next big move will be to end Bayley's career. Those ladies will meet in a grudge match next!

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

The women briefly circle the ring off the bell and Becky charges Bayley, landing a few blows. Bayley fires back and gets things well in hand, delivering a flurry of offensive moves off the ropes. Bayley shows all kinds of aggression, working Becky from corner to corner to corner. Becky turns it around by going after Bayley's injured knee and connects with a couple of powerful shots but Bayley stays in the dominant position for the most part. She struggles a little with her injured knee and Becky capitalizes by locking in the four-legged clover, prompting Bayley to tap out.

Result: Becky Lynch wins via submission.

The guys in the truck roll some footage of the Vaudvillains match against the Lucha Dragons and then we get some bonus footage of them talking to William Regal. They're confident that they'll take out the Dragons eventually.

Bull Dempsey vs. Mr. 450

Bull Dempsey's opponent tonight is Mr. 450, a great high-flyer who made a splash in Chicago and now he's working out of Florida. Dempsey hits his opponent with all sorts of power before squashing him with a flying headbutt off the top and a three-count.


Result: Bull Dempsey wins via pinfall.

Post-match, Baron Corbin comes out and briefly exchanges glances with Bull and then heads to the ring for his own match. He quickly squashes another wrestler who doesn't garner an intro.

Corbin walks up to Dempsey on the ramp and Bull shoves him off before retreating. To quote the Simpsons' version of a young Charles Bronson: "This ain't over."

WWE re-racks Owens' attack on Zayn and then we head back to ringside.

The Certified G's vs. The Ascension

Big Cass starts off against Viktor and looks pretty strong until Enzo hits his teammate with a blind tag and is promptly laid out by his opponent. It's over with a quick three-count.

Result: The Ascension defeats The Certified G's via pinfall.

Post-match, The Ascension offer a promo advising Itami and Balor that there's a lot of unfinished business between the teams. As Roman Reigns would say, "Belieeeeeve (wait for it) ?that.

Adrian Neville vs. Kevin Owens

Neville moves in on Owens and Kevin slides out of the ring. Owens bides his time coming back in and once he makes it in, he swings at Neville and the former champ counters and delivers a big kick, sending Owens out for cover again. Owens' next attack does some damage. He hits Neville hard a few times and Adrian comes back and tosses him with a head scissors. Owens rolls outside again to slow Adrian's momentum.


Neville takes it outside and Owens gets all over him. KO tosses him back into the ring and peppers him with a chop and a big knee in the corner.

After a short commercial break, we rejoin the fray. Neville fights back but Owens is in charge now. He hits Neville with a cartwheel into the corner and then works him over as Neville tries to struggle to his feet. Owens tells the crowd, "Nothing I do makes me shameful" and he calls Neville a joke. Neville rolls on the matt in agony as Owens keeps up the punishment. Kevin grinds away at Neville as a comeback by the former champ less and less likely by the moment.

Neville somehow musters a furious comeback, including a springboard dropkick that puts Owens down for a near fall. Neville tries to head up top and Owens blocks him, delivering a gut buster and a senton. The cover doesn't net a win, though as Neville kicks out at two. Owens comes at Neville in the corner, chops him and works him up to the top. He falls off, though and Neville sets up for a big maneuver before being taken down by Owens. Owens then lands a huge DDT and the three-count looks academic but Neville surprisingly kicks out again. They battle back and forth with Neville gaining a full head of steam and hitting Owens outside. Both guys are down as the ref starts the count. Neville gets up and Steen tosses him into the ring post before going down again himself. The ref finishes the count and the bell rings to end the match.


Result: Double count-out

Post-match, Owens powerbombs Neville into the apron and revels in a shower of disdain from the live crowd.

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