WWE On How Many Homes Have Affinity For Them, Potential Network Subs, Investor Wants Vince Gone

- FIN alternatives, which provides hedge fund and private equity news, has an article here about Lemelson Capital Management hedge-fund manager Emmanuel Lemelson not being impressed with WWE's social media numbers, feeling that it's a distraction. The article noted that the hedge fund wants WWE to be put up for sale, or for Vince McMahon to be replaced.


- As noted earlier, WWE Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios spoke at the 42nd annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference for Investors in New York City earlier this week. You can check out slides from the presentation at this link.

On slide 14, WWE states that of the top 16 global markets, 159 million households (51% of broadband homes), have an affinity for WWE. It said that 75 million homes are casual fans, while 23 million homes are passionate fans.

This seems similar to the survey done before the Network launch that did the company a lot of damage in terms of setting realistic expectations. That survey stated that 53% of U.S. homes (62 million) have an affinity for WWE programming, with two-thirds (41 million homes) characterized as active households (passionate and casual). Of course, WWE RAW hovers below the 4 million mark on a weekly basis in the U.S.


On slide 21, it states that the number of potential network subscribers is 3 – 4 million, or a 310% – 447% increase from the 731,000 subscribers they announced as of September 30th.

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