WWE Superstars Results: Big Win For Emma, Cesaro And Kidd In Tag Action

This week's episode fires up right after the flash of pyro and intro packages. Smack dab in the middle of the venue, we're ringside for this week's action. Summer Rae's music hits first and we're looking at a Divas match to kick this one off.

Emma vs. Summer Rae

Emma busts a move as the announce team debates who is the better dancer. Emma mocks Summer's dance style and then they get into it. Summer takes the first shot but Emma drops her with some great offense. Summer fights back and Emma goes into beast mode (yes, really), working over Summer in the corner. Summer gets outside for a break and Emma tries to drag her back in the hair. Summer takes Emma down by the legs, knocking the wind out of her opponent and allowing Summer to take control of the contest. Mat work ensues with Summer in the dominant position. Emma gets fired up for a short-lived comeback and Summer takes her down with a big kick. She punishes Emma in the corner but Emma pins her with a bridge and almost gets the win. She follows up with some big moves, ultimately locking Summer in the Emma lock and garnering a submission.

Result: Emma defeats Summer Rae via submission.

WWE revisits the "Raw is Jericho" show from Monday night and then we get back to business.

Los Matadores vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

Cesaro is first in the match for his team. He comes on strong but Diego hits a few high-flying move and then Torito gets involved in the ring but somehow Los Matadores aren't DQ'ed. I call that "flexible kayfabe" or flexfabe, for short. Kidd gets tagged in and is initially confounded by his opponents but he finally gains control when one of the Matadores walks into a giant uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro, now the legal man in the ring, sets up one of the Matadores for a big swing, Kidd hits a blind tag and comes in with a dropkick. He works over Fernando and covers him a couple times but he doesn't get the win. After Kidd and Cesaro systematically take out Diego and Torito, they work over Fernando for a long spell. Diego springs back up for a tag and gets all over Cesaro, earning a pair of near-falls. The end comes with a huge power bomb/blockbuster combo by Cesaro and Kidd, followed by a cover and the three-count.

Result: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeat Los Matadores via pinfall.

Closing out the show, we get another look at John Cena battling Seth Rollins in a steel cage on Monday Night Raw and then another episode of Superstars is officially in the books.


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