WWE TLC: Erick Rowan Vs. Big Show (Stairs Match)

- Byron Saxton is backstage with Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Rollins dedicates his win over John Cena tonight to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. He says tonight, Cena will pay for Sting's actions at Survivor Series. Rollins says he will stop at nothing until Cena brings The Authority back.


Stairs Match: Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

Cole goes over the anatomy of steel stairs before Big Show makes his way out. Erick Rowan is out next to almost no reaction. They start off and go right to the floor. Show scoop slams Rowan on the floor and talks trash to fans.

Show whips Rowan into steps and takes him in the ring. Show goes to bring some steps in the ring but Rowan runs and kicks them into Show, knocking him back on the floor. Rowan grabs the stairs and rams them into Show's head, knocking him down. Rowan makes a 7 foot wall of stairs but Show cuts him off before he can do anything with it. Show works Rowan over and whips him over the barrier. Show brings one piece of stairs in the ring and sets another one on top of the announcers table. Rowan runs over but Sow decks him and whips him into other steps at ringside. A "Big Show sucks" chant breaks out. Show grabs part of the steps and rams them into Rowan's gut. Show grabs the steps off the announcers table and pushes it in the ring.


Show brings Rowan back in the ring and slams part of the stairs on his back. Show sets part of the stairs on the second rope in the corner. Rowan tries to fight back but Show sends him into the steps that were in the corner. Show runs Rowan back into the steps in the corner. Rowan turns around to a big clothesline. Show looks to chokeslam Rowan on the steps but Rowan fight him and scoop slams Show onto them. Rowan grabs part of the stairs and goes to the second rope with them. He jumps down to hit Show but Show rolls out of the way. It looks like the edge of the stairs caught part of Show's back. Rowan got caught in the face by the stairs bouncing and he goes to the floor. Show follows and tackles Rowan through the big wall of stairs that Rowan made earlier. They're both laid out in the middle of a bunch of stairs as we get replays.

They come back in and Show grabs part of the stairs. Rowan runs and kicks it into him. Show grabs Rowan and chokeslams him on top of the stairs. Show hits the knockout punch and covers for a pin but tops. He grabs part of the stairs and uses those to trap Rowan on the mat and then gets the pin.

Winner: Big Show

- After the match, Show walks straight to the back as Rowan recovers and we go to replays.