Flashback Audio: Brodus Clay Recalls Classy Backstage Gesture By John Cena

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During the interview, Brodus recalls a situation in which John Cena stuck up for him backstage. He said that Cena personally intervened when Clay's segment at WrestleMania was about to be cut from the show at the last minute. The story is a stark contrast to the seemingly popular perception that Cena is very political and self-serving behind the scenes.

"He had to 'go to the bathroom'," Brodus explained. "We were in the gorilla position and it looked like the segment was getting cut. Cena goes, 'I'm going to the bathroom. Brodus, what do you think--like eight minutes?' and I'm like, 'Works for me' and I will never forget that. It was the classiest thing for a guy who was getting ready for the then biggest match of his career. I've never said we were best friends. We talked about lifting weights, what's going on in sports, and work... That was truly my greatest moment in sports entertainment. I wouldn't have had that moment had it not been for Cena being a class act."

You can read much more from the original interview here.

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