Flashback Audio: Ted DiBiase Sr. Talks Working With Andre The Giant, How Andre Made A Wrestler Quit

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DiBiase said it was one of his greatest achievements to work with Andre at WrestleMania IV and said that Andre was a wonderful person as well as a great judge of character.

"If you were a schmuck, he was going to let you know you were a schmuck," said DiBiase. "He either liked you or he didn't like you. There wasn't too many people that disagreed with his opinion. Way in back in like 1979, when I was there working for Vince Sr., I had a tag team match one night. It was me and Andre and Ivan Putski against the Valiant brothers. Andre did not like Putski, at all. Andre told me, 'you tag me, no one else.' 'You bet, boss. Whatever you say.' He made sure I did that. It's like, I would start going to the corner. I was the young guy on the totem pole. I was the one that got beat on. So I'd be reaching to tag and he would just reach way out over past Putski, he made Putski basically stand on the apron the entire match. Putski was not really one of those guys that a lot of people liked."

DiBiase also said that Andre was responsible for Bam Bam Bigelow's change in attitude, indicating that Bigelow once walked out of an event after some issues with the Giant.

"Bigelow walked in the dressing room and threw all his stuff together, grabbed his bag and walked out the back door and quit," Ted shared. "He came back later, because I actually managed him for a while, and he told me, he said you know what? That's the best thing that ever happened to me. He said, because Andre was right. He said, 'I had a horrible attitude.' Andre suggested a new attitude."

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