Former WWE and TNA Wrestler “Wildcat” Chris Harris joined “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson on a recent episode of MLW Radio’s “Talk’n Shop Podcast” (Episode #29) and talked about his time with both companies. Harris briefly wrestled for WWE’s incarnation of ECW in 2008 as Braden Walker.

During a discussion regarding his work during TNA’s early years, Harris recalled being signed by Jeff Jarrett and his participation in the company’s first ever pay-per-view back in 2002.

“It was pretty crazy,” Harris recalled. “By the end of the night, we knew that we had done something great. But yeah, there was so much sh-t that went wrong, brother. It was scary? It felt okay to me because I was focused on my match.”

Harris recommended that fans check out the TNA: Year One DVD for a good look at the promotion during its early days.

Both wrestlers talked about the environment backstage in wrestling companies, including TNA and WWE. Anderson recalled having visited his friend Bernard (Matt Bloom/Tensai/A-Train) backstage at a WWE show last year, saying that in the short period that he was with Bloom, four different people came by and changed the the details of his match.

“Brother, brother, brother,” Harris said. “Oh my God! That is the worst-run billion dollar company you could ever imagine? I absolutely f?king hated that place.”

The two men returned to TNA as a discussion topic and Harris said that that there were a lot of naysayers who said early on that the promotion wouldn’t last.

“Right away we started hearing how it wasn’t going to work,” Harris remembered. “We’re going to run out of money; it’s not going to pick up because it’s a different kind of concept. You just hear everything, man. And the more you’re in the business, the more you realize: These people? They want it to fail. If they’re not involved, they, just want to shoot it down. It gets to the point where you’re like, ‘F?k you, man. You’re not part of this thing. Don’t try to squash my dreams. I’m going to do everything I can to try to make this work’.”

You can listen to the entire episode of “Talk’n Shop” at this link.