Jake "The Snake" Roberts Film Kicks Off Film Festival

The Jake "The Snake" Roberts documentary, The Resurrection of Jake 'The Snake', will kick off the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival this upcoming weekend in Park City, Utah. The documentary was chosen over 7,500 other films.

The film looks at Roberts' troubled childhood and his battles with substance abuse, to his eventual recovery after moved in with Diamond Dallas Page in 2012 to train and get back into shape. Filmmaker Steve Yu, who had worked with Page in the past, inspired the documentary.

"Dallas and I didn't go into this thinking, 'We're going to help this alcoholic and drug addict,'" Yu recently told The Salt Lake Tribune. "We knew that Jake had kind of lost hope in his life and that he needed some help with his health. It turned into something we didn't expect it to."

The world premiere of the documentary is this Friday, January 23rd. It will screen once more the following Tuesday, January 27th. You can get more details at SlamDance.com.


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